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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sexual Harassment? Really? Come on Heather, George H.W. Bush was 90 at the time and in a wheelchair...

What set Lind off about Bush was seeing photos of Barack Obama greeting him warmly at last week’s hurricane relief concert. Pictured in the same photo was … Bill Clinton. Was she bothered seeing the rest of the ex-presidents palling around with him too or is she in the liberal school of not believing any of Clinton’s many accusers? If Juanita Broaddrick’s sexual assault claim can be disbelieved, I’m not sure what compels belief in Lind’s. And if Broaddrick’s claim can be believed, we should object to the warm greetings for Bill too, right?
An un-welcomed butt pinch by a 90 year old in a wheelchair at a photo-op is not acceptable, but I would hesitate to classify that as #MeToo Sexual Harassment. Of course, as bad as Harvey Weinstein's behavior was, things can get far worse. Ms. Lind bringing this event up years later seems a bit much. Sorry to blame the "victim" here, but I suspect Ms. Lind's motivation may be political or possibly victimhood claiming. 

Both Victory Girls and Andrea Mitchell are not impressed with Ms. Lind's claims.  A second woman has accused George H.W. Bush too, but his staff explains. 

Update: Victory Girls: Stop It! 

I did not see all of Turn, but what I did see was ok. Heather Lind plays a spy and camp follower. 

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  1. G’mornin. I think you’ll enjoy this post on the same subject.



  2. And if Bill Clinton or Obama had done that you would be howling for blood. Stop acting like the shit your side does isn't as bad as the shit THERE side does. Republican or Democrat. If they weren't scum they wouldn't be in the office.

    1. Bush senior has no serial predator history. He’s 93 and in a wheel chair. I’m sure he’s also losing his faculties. Clinton. Enough said. Obama likes men.

    2. This is less about calling out Heather Lind (like I said, a butt pinch is not acceptable) to calling out the hypocrisy of people like you who did NOTHING when Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein or Ed Kennedy were doing what they were doing. I judge people by their actions, not because they have a D or R after their name. Republicans certainly act up too, but when they do they get purged.

    3. 41 never raped anybody or hung out in gay baths, never made any girl sandwiches in a public eatery or left anyone to die. This girl really is a #MeToo, she just wants to get on the bandwagon for her 15 seconds.

      And it's THEIR side.

  3. The thing is, HW admitted it. When I saw the picture, I figured like most people in a photo, you reach back and put your arms around people, and being in a wheel chair, well you can see his shoulder is at her ass level, so his arm would be under her ass cheek. He could have dismissed this as an unfortunate misplacement, but he apologized. HW admitted he inappropriately touched and thought it would be cute. And if she slapped him, I'd be cool with it.

    Has Bill publically apologized to Paula Jones? Juanita Broaddrick?

    Alas, I never heard of this lady previously, and she has a photo but apparently thought nothing about making it a to do until a decade later when she could say "Me Too". And yet, as much as an old man took advantage of her and that is wrong; she will forever be known to me as pretending/acting (perhaps not) giving a blowjob to a guy on TV and being paid to be shown doing so. For that portrayal, she is called an actress, but if I paid her to do that, she would be called something else.

    1. He is an old man who pinched a girl's ass. That is not cool, but it is not the same as sexual harassment. It is a dog bites man story.

      And while I am not judging her for being mad that Pappy Bush grabbed her butt, it is not even remotely the same as Harvey Weinstein trapping some staff or actress in a hall and masturbating. What Heather is doing is diminishing real sexual harassment with this nonsense. Claiming she did so because she saw Old George greeted warmly by Obama? Please, what about Clinton? And the fact Heather Lind is bringing this up years later says a lot too.

    2. I finally saw the actual apology. And... it stated what can plainly be seen. Stand next to a man in a wheel chair for a photo, and if he tried to put his arm around you, it's going to hit your lower cheek. Perhaps if Ms. Lind had stood behind the chair as did Barbara, nothing would have happened.

  4. OK, let's think about this.

    Youngest carrier pilot in WWII. Marianas, Philippines, shot down over Iwo, pulled out of the drink (shark-infested waters, cannibal-infested islands).

    Past 90 and pats the occasional ass (and there isn't that much to pat on her).

    He's earned it.

    1. He's earned the right to pat his wife's ass, not be an ass to another woman.

    2. Pappy Bush was in the wrong (warranting a stern rebuke at the time or possibly a slap--which would have certainly 'woke' his Secret Service detail), but as celebrity sexual harassment wrongs go, it is pretty far down the list in severity.

    3. But as for his WWII service, he was a real mensch.


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