Saturday, October 14, 2017

George Clooney accused of hypocrisy and covering for male pussy grabbers...

Wait, George Clooney is a hypocrite and treats women badly? Shocking!

EBL: The Weinstein Saga Continues, The Corrupt Ephors of the Academy decide Harvey Weinstein's fate, What's in Jimmy Kimmel's pants (and what is not), Hilarie Burton and Gropey Ben Affleck, Harvey Flees for Europe, Harvey's Wife Flees Him, The Harvey Girls, Matt Damon Pimping for Harvey Weinstein?, Haley Atwell and Harvey Weinstein, Roman Harvey-Day and Harvey Weinstein and the NYT go to war, and no, not these Harvey Girls

Hot Air: Corey Feldman has been warning about sexual abuse in Hollywood for years and  Hillary ignores her husband's past sex abuse

Instapundit: Fallout from the Hollywood scandal, Cuomo keeps Weinstein money, Who's the sexual assaulter, Hillary?

90 Miles From Tyranny: Now that is some damn fine acting and Harvey The Hut

Page Six: Amazon scraps DeNiro Moore series due to ties to Weinstein

Twitchy: Pro Trump Artist Kaya Jones Warns Hollywood

Powerline: Slobber Harvey Time at the Oscars

THR: Bob Weinstein talks about Harvey

Don Surber: Disney = Weinstein


  1. I was in Switzerland during that war.

  2. I'm waiting for the other even bigger shoe to drop. When are they going to start outing the child predators in Hollywood and government?


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