Saturday, October 14, 2017

Harvey Weinstein expelled from the Academy

Napoléon à Sainte-Hélène: François-Joseph Sandmann (1820)

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A bit of Poe is in order for Harvey's fall: 

THR: Industry "gleeful" about Harvey's expulsion (because many of them want to divert attention from themselves)

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  1. Let me know when they do it to Darryl Zanuck, Harry Cohn, Kirk Douglas, Bill Holden...

  2. I guess I understand what that means going forward, but what does it mean about the past? So he can't win more Oscars, but what were the chances of that happening? Oh, not make movies? Again, would he make them anymore anyway? If he did, it would only be after being exonerated for all these allegations, which is possible but not to likely. Still wouldn't that have been the proper thing to do? I know we are supposed to hear all victims, but that means guilty now? Well yeah, this is the left, but I personally believe its a bit more.

    They know he's guilty because they were complicit. They are hoping to distance themselves before anyone looks past and sees what Ed mentions.

    I think they are too late.


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