Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel: Guess What's In My Pants (I can guess what's not in there...)

Granted, no women were coerced or unexpectedly groped in this video segment, unlike the women forced to deal rapey (alleged) Harvey Weinstein and his sidekick "Gropey Ben" Affleck

I do not think Jimmy Kimmel is a bad guy for doing juvenile comedy skits with attractive women on the streets of Hollywood. But I am sick and tired of his recent pandering to the left with his fake moralizing at the expense of those who disagree with him (although if he was consistent and took on all I would at least give him credit for that). Kimmel's cowardice, however, is not having the balls to take on the powerful of Hollywood, like Harvey Weinstein, because he fears retaliation from them.

Jimmy Kimmel has no balls. I did like LA Street Artist Sabo's latest art action! No balls explains Kimmel's estrogen levels.  

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  1. I'll admit a couple of years ago, I was surprised and even couldn't really believe how much of a socialist progressive Kimmel was. I had this disbelief because of his time on "The Man Show", which always seemed to mock the PC/Feminist culture. I see now that was all cover.


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