Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences calls an emergency meeting over Harvey Weinstein...

Any member of the Academy may be suspended or expelled for cause by the Board of Governors. Expulsion or suspension as herein provided for shall require the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of all the Governors.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Daily Caller: Rose McGowan's Twitter Account Suspended

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Proof Positive: How women avoid inconvenient facts, The Real Handmaid's Tale, Harvey: The invisible, six foot tall sex predator

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Instapundit: Gwneth Paltrow is in complicit fraud with WeinsteinI sense a dread disturbance in the culture warsHollywood is brave, so long as the targets are easy, Rose McGowan is suspended from TwitterHow NBC quash the Harvey Weinstein story, Never Go Full Polanski, Roger Simon: Harvey Weinstein has destroyed Hollywood, now what?, Tim Kaine spent Harvey money already, Harvey benefited from Bill Clinton, Separated at Birth: Hollywood and Catholic Church sex scandals, Liz Sheild's morning brief, Hey, remember that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton award thing..., Trump vs. Weinstein (it's different), Which Boss Is Better, Six Brutal Lessons, Have we heard from Jimmy Kimmel yet? Weinstein on tape admitting to groping, The Weinstein Silence from Hollywood (a lot of cowards there), Blatant Media Bias, Obama and Clintons mum on Weinstein (follow the money)

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  1. The last picture is the real truth. He's being excommunicated not for what he did but because it became public.


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