Friday, October 13, 2017

Was the Las Vegas shooter really a professional gambler?

Ann Counter doubts the shooter was a professional gambler. Speculation (he did play a lot in the casinos), but she has a point. Casinos are not in the business of losing money and will retire video gaming machines that pay out too much.

There are people who claim by careful machine selection and playing the progressives, and knowing the percentage odds make money at video poker. But to make it work is a full time job (and you can make a decent living) but not the type of thing that will typically generate multi-millions as has been reported for Paddock. If you are playing a lot, and know your odds and are not reckless, you can basically not lose money (or make a little) and get plenty of comps to make it worthwhile.  But it is unlikely you will rake in millions.

The outcome of this crime is horrible, but the underlying facts are so odd and atypical (compared to other mass shootings). While the time line keeps changing, we still do not have answers.

Mandalay Bay, where the shooting was, is a MGM property. Wynn's hotels are not that far away.  Steve Wynn admitted they tracked Paddock (he played there frequently), as they do many players, but there was nothing exceptional about him. Wynn also said no one in his casino ever saw Paddock drink.  Granted, I would not expect Paddock to drink while playing, but he did get plenty of comps and opportunities to drink when he was not playing. Others claim he drank heavily. What gives?

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  1. Yes.
    Another "fact" that, at the time just didn't add up.
    EVERY casino this guy gambled in knows exactly how much he won or lost.

  2. Made millions playing video poker....said no one ever....If you played 1,000 dollars perfectly odds say you'll take home 970 dollars. The only gamblers that do well in Vegas are playing poker against schmuck visitors that don't know how to play poker.

    1. As noted in the links above, you can end up on machines paying out slightly better than 100%, assuming you play extremely well and time it correctly. But that sure does not add up to making millions doing it.


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