Monday, October 2, 2017

Over 50 persons killed, hundreds injured in shooting in Las Vegas...


Terrorism does not appear to be the motive. The female companion the shooter was traveling with has been detained by police. The shooter is dead and was known to local authorities.

Prayers and condolences to the victims and their families.

NY Post: Shooter killed himself before arrest, 10 guns, and women no longer a suspect, Shooter's psychopathic father was on FBI's most wanted list, and ISIS claims responsibility (I would be skeptical about that at this point)

Instapundit: Shooter multimillionaire?, Silencer on AR-15? No, Why does ISIS keep insisting the shooter was a convert?Ugly CBS-no sympathy for victimsThe shooting is very strange, Flashback threatsSlaughter in Las VegasTerrorism Ruled OutMass Casualties, , people acted as heroes

Rush Limbaugh: Hannah Arendt's prediction on violence in modern society (hint: it is not the guns that cause the triggering of violence), Fredo Cuomo ConfusedNo law could have stopped what happened in VegasCheck gunman for CTECBS fires unsympathetic lawyerPerson at Vegas concert calls inDo we need TSA checks at hotels?Psychopathic KillersFBI can rule out ISIS in less than 24 hours, but still looking for Trump Russia connectionthe left politicizes Las Vegas shooting

AoSHQ: 538 and the WaPo: Statistics show gun control doesn't work?ISIS doubles and triples down on claim shooter was ISIS, CBS fires vile attorney, Old drunk lady opinesMotive of shooter remains unclear, where did the weapons come from?

Truth About Guns: Vegas shooter converted AR 15s to auto (hey, isn't that illegal) and Vegas murderer had a prior lawsuit with hotel

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: MassacreVegas Morning ReportCBS fires vile attorney

SF Gate: FBI says Las Vegas shooter had no links to terrorist organizations

TOM: Putting atrocities in perspective and Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Heavy: Shooter had eight guns, two shooting platforms in hotel room

Political Clown Parade: A Fallen World and Human Depravity

Daily Mail: Family say shooter snapped, no warning before

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Just a friendly reminder to the left

Hot Air: Did shooter use a bump stock to mimic automatic?

Reuters: ISIS claims shooter a recent convert to Islam?

Legal Insurrection: Trump calls shooting "pure evil"

Pam Geller: Was shooter an anti Trump protester?

Mark Steyn Online: Slaughter on the Strip

NRO: Terrible news to wake up to

Powerline: Massacre in Las Vegas

Twitchy: SWAT audio chilling


  1. I've started to invoke a personal 72 hour rule on these things. In these first 72 hours, the critical thing is helping the injured, especially now that the shooter was taken out.

    That said, interesting picture with the officers taking cover and the two knuckle heads just standing around with their cellphones. Wow.

    1. I saw that picture and thought the same thing you did.

  2. The picture certainly lacks adequate context. We don't know when the picture was taken in relation to the events. So we don't know if the cops are over-reacting or the people standing around (including the person taking the photo) are just foolish idiots. Considering most people ran for cover and others ran to provide aid; I'm inclined to see the others standing around as an example of the culture today.

    Even if the cops are overreacting, these people standing around are a problem and not helping. It reminds of Michael Bennett's complaints at another Las Vegas shooting earlier this year. He didn't understand why cops arrested him, except Bennett was acting like these guys. Most people ran, some provided aid, and the cops still think there is an active shooter. And you, your just standing around like its another f'in day at the casino, which makes you a potential problem to neutralize. Look folks, evacuate the scene, provide aid, but don't stand there and be a dick.


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