Sunday, October 1, 2017

San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz: What we've got here is failure to communicate...

WFB: San Juan's Mayor gets nasty (well at least that is what her t shirt says)

Instapundit: San Juan's mayor not participating with FEMAPuerto Rico has big problems, but Donald Trump is not one of themEven Geraldo is harshing the narrative (he's there and doesn't see people dying), You stay classy New York Times, The effort to Katrina Trump continuesSan Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz admits she hasn't met with Federal Officials at Joint Field Office over Hurricane Reliefthe problem is distribution in Puerto Rico, and Carmen Yulin Cruz not participating in FEMA meetings

I would give her some slack for being under stress (hurricane relief is hard), but it is becoming increasingly obvious that Carmen Yulin Cruz is posturing for politics. And of course the lame-stream media is to some extent complicit with that.

EBL: President Trump is getting aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and Hurricane Maria is Coming

Twitchy: Geraldo starting to piss some people off and San Juan's Mayor's Joy Reid Interview Fail

Rush Limbaugh: The drive by media attempt to smear Trump over Puerto Rico hurricane response

RedState/Streiff: San Juan's Mayor has time for t-shirts and television, but not for FEMA

Weasel Zippers: Neighboring mayor praises Trump, says Carmen missing at meetings

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Geraldo calls BS on Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz's lies

Proof Positive: US Response To The Crisis In Puerto Rico (read it all)

AoSHQ/J.J. Sefton: San Juan's Mayor's conflicting stories

A View From The Beach: The Truth About Puerto Rico

Smitty: Trump ain't got no time for backstabbery!

TOM: Feminist Hillary Supporter still reeling

Wait, Hillary is saying she is willing to help?
Don Surber: Trump's Katrina?


  1. A lot of NeverTrumpers who put a sock in it after the election are bitching about how ungentlemanly he's been about this. Dubya, on Karl Rove's advice, was a gentleman. We know what it got him.

    Our girl Carmen was a big supporter of the Beast and terrorists and the Demos, who never let a crisis go to waste, are trying to get as many PRs to move to TX and FL to tip both states. Legend has it, Commie Nuze Net bought the T-shirt for her.

  2. I can only point to circumstantial evidence, some hearsay, and past history, yet I think Journolist is alive and well, but smart enough to use direct email rather than chat rooms are anything else that logs. And I think besides David Brock running it, David is also working with the Clintons and their team. That's why we see Hillary's Tweet (like anyone was reading it) followed by mass stories of no aid (despite aid), and then to back up the false narrative, trot out a local Democrat and tell her to get off her ass and say something negative.

    And if I wrote that elsewhere, some troll would come out and say, "conspiracy theorist, you think all these people are working together". I don't believe that. I think this Mayor is a local idiot, but that she responds to money like most idiots. Send her a check for a couple thousand (I'm sure she's a cheap trick), and she'll sing like a canary.

    The thing is, a lot of people can't put their finger on it, but it is like the uncanny valley of CGI. No matter how David and Hillary try to make it look real, the news is obviously fake because it lacks basic depth where it should. As you note, Evi, who stands in front of a pile of aid and claims "we're not getting aid!". If she was an honest hack, she would have said, "Trump, send people to help move this aid to the people that need it." It would have been the wrong thing as Col Vella points out at HuffPo, but at least then it would make sense why she is standing around a bunch of aid. But in David and Hillary's effort to construct this narrative (because they most likely told her what backdrop to use), they didn't see what others would see. That's why Hillary lost, and its why their efforts just bolster Trump.


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