Wednesday, September 27, 2017

President Trump is Getting Aid to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

The devastation by Hurricane Maria was in many ways worse than Irma and even Harvey. It takes much longer to get supplies to islands, because you are limited on how much you can fly in. Here is an excellent essay on getting supplies to Haiti post disaster, which also applies to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 

President Trump set to go to Puerto Rico and possibly the Virgin Islands on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Fake Republican and CNN Chide Ana Navarro and perennial loser and scold Hillary Clinton tries to peddle fake news about hurricane relief in PR and VI. Ignore their lies. 

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  1. I wonder if Hillary knows that Haiti isn't an American territory. Also, Haiti was also hit by Irma, so now would be a great time for the Clinton Foundation to finally deliver the assistance to that country it promised.

    1. Think of all the desperate women who could use Bill Clinton's help. Then again, there is always Venezuela too. So much need to fill.

    2. The Clintons already stolen billions from Haiti earthquake relief fund, thanks to Hilary's tenure as Sec of State. They just want their cut from Puerto Rico relief.

  2. September 27 Aid Update for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands


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