Friday, May 26, 2017

The Clinton Who Would Be King

Somewhere there is an alternative universe where this did happen...
I am glad I don't live there. 

For a palate cleanser for King Clinton (above), here are a few more shots of Shakira Baksh Caine.

Twitchy: Hillary will survive (sort of like toe nail fungus, she is hard to get rid of)\

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Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Boehner is a dick. This is a guy who claims he is friends with Trump, took money from Trump, but now disses a fellow Republican. If you want to see what is wrong with the GOP, John Boehner is a poster boy for that.  

Media ignores Obama Spying Story

It is sad when real news comes from Mad Magazine and fake news from all the Media Networks. Jake Tapper would rather cry like a little girl over Ben Jacobs in Montana rather than investigate a  real constitutional crisis such as President Obama illegally spying on his own people.  

Seriously Jake Tapper, try to focus on a significantly more important and real issue. Jake, can you muster the courage to report on a truly vicious attack on the Constitution?

Don Surber: Voxplaining Obama Spying and Why Democrats Import Violence

Rush Limbaugh: Physically weak men more likely to be socialists

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28 Coptic Christians murdered on their way to a monastery

The Sun: The 26 Dead Includes Children (the death toll is going up)

Just a few days after the atrocity of Manchester, this attack happens in Upper Egypt, taking even more lives.  While it may not be the same terrorist group responsible for Manchester, it is almost certainly related to Islamist extremism (today's the first day of Ramadan).

If a "religion" celebrates a religious holiday by murdering innocent people (and children), there is something wrong with that religion. Muslims need to universally condemn and drive out these murderers in their midst.

Al Jazeera: 28 Coptic Christians Murdered in Minya, Egypt

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Blazing Cat Fur: Middle Eastern Muslims stupefied by West's response to terrorism (to be fair to them, I am stupefied by it too), Who To Blame?

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Memorial Day

This weekend is more than just the traditional start of the summer season. Yes, you can celebrate and thank all who served, but Memorial Day is primarily for remembering those who did not make it home. Thank you and RIP. 

Rule 5 and FMJRA