Wednesday, August 24, 2016

U.S. Army training presentation has Hillary Clinton listed as an insider security threat...

AoSHQ: PJMedia:  Boom!

Is this embarrassing enough that even the pro Hillary media will have to report on it?  You would think so.  It was not part of a national training program, and it has since been taken down, but it was developed by a local command. This slide has been confirmed as real.  

Seal avoids hunting orcas by jumping in nearby boat

Powell River, British Columbia (about fifty miles north northwest of Vancouver, BC):  Sometimes the whales win and sometimes the seal wins. It is the circle of life and orcas have to eat too. Still, I have to root for the underdog in this case.  

A lot of the resident orcas in this part of British Columbia are fish eaters (groups of orcas have different cultures and feeding patterns). Transient pods will kill and eat seals. Fish eating orcas may kill seals because they are competing with them.

But this young guy got to live another day. 

American University in Afghanistan (Kabul) under attack

Sort of looks like the compound in Benghazi 

Heavy: Massoud Hossaini: Five facts you need to know (this AP photographer tweeted about being trapped along with the students, he is also wounded)

Crooked Hillary and Hooked-up Huma's Pay To Play Scam Scandal

This Clinton crony corruption should be one of the primary issue Trump hammers from now to the debates. Hillary is still lying, blaming others, still trying to divert attention. Hillary Clinton is hoping to run out the clock and hope American voters do not focus on this. Trump went after Hillary in his Austin speech and he and Pence should continue to do so.   

Trump calls for a special prosecutor to investigate what the Clinton Foundation was up to. Of course there should be one. But there is a different standard for Hillary Clinton and she is above the law.  

Hillary & Huma: Many Troubling Questions...

EBL: The Mystery of Huma Abedin (Huma Abedin was editor for a publication that pushed Sharia law, opposed women's rights and blamed the United States for the 9/11 attacks)

I also finally got to see Weiner on Netflix.  It is an interesting and fascinating documentary and I recommend you put it on your queue. Beyond Anthony Weiner being a completely out of control Democrat serial liar who betrays everyone around him, it is revealing to see Huma Abedin under scrutiny. 

While I thought I would be sympathetic to the public embarrassment and humiliation caused by her husband, Huma's emotional reactions (from my observation) were strange. She is a very calculating individual who seemed less emotional upset that her husband engaged in reckless sexting, but more contemptuous he could be so politically stupid.

She has a child with this creep. Yet she is now spending all her time on the road supporting and promoting Hillary Clinton (leaving young Jordan in the care of a father who has a track record of being easily distracted). Huma shifted from one narcissist to another.  

There is a political lesson in Weiner too. They focus in the documentary on that exchange Weiner had with an Orthodox Jewish man in a bakery.  It was widely reported at the time (even I did a post on it). Obviously Anthony Weiner was already melting down at this point of the campaign, but this exchange makes Anthony Weiner look like a complete jackass. If you are in a close race be-careful getting in arguments critics with the media present.   

Gateway Pundit: Shock Poll from Florida!

American Power Blog: Dough Nation

WIKILEAKS: 67 Emails Between Hillary and Chelsea Using HER FAKE NAME...

Clinton to be questioned under oath on origins of private server...

Over seventy dead in Central Italy after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Amatrice Update: Death toll well over 100, search for survivors continues

While significant, I would not consider a 6.2 magnitude earthquake to be "powerful." Still, tell that to the victims in Italy. Three towns in central Italy were devastated.  

The Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994 was a 6.7 (which would make it approximately five times more powerful than the earthquake in Italy). The Northridge earthquake killed about seventy people and damage was well into the tens of billions of dollars.  

The Richter Scale, while relatively precise means of measuring the power of a particular earthquake in some ways, does not necessarily translate to the damage caused by a particular tremor on the surface. That depends on how deep the fault was, the soil and geological conditions, how building are constructed and other factors. Seismologist use other scales, such as the Moment Magnitude Scale, to try to capture some of that.   

Given how geologically active Italy is, you would think existing buildings would be more robust if only because many of the buildings are old and they have been exposed to big earthquakes in the past. Then again, building codes in Italy are probably not followed the same as they are in California. 

My prayers and best wishes to the survivors.  


Death toll exceed 120.  Search for survivors continues...

Scientific American: Why the earthquake in Italy was so destructive

Sandra Bullock Speaking German

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

French National shouting "Allahu Akbar" in Horror Knife Attack in a Hostel in Home Hill, Queensland, Australia Update: RIP Mia Ayliffe-Chung

Andrea Tantaros sues Fox News

Pigs Heads

Hillary Clinton's Feats of Strength

Man tried to behead two people in Virginia, possible ISIS connection

Trump Tuesday: Barack Obama finally leaves Martha's Vineyard, shamed into putting on down to Louisiana...

Conservative Treehouse: Time to put down the putter...

It is sort of the equivalent of Obama finishing his waffle first (Allahpundit doubted at the time, but that waffle incident actually did say something about Barack Obama's character). Barack Obama is finally heading down to Louisiana to see what happened during the flood.  

Why isn't Crooked Hillary going to Louisiana? Why doesn't she care about Americans in trouble?  Oh wait, not enough potential donors to her favorite charity: Hillary Clinton.  

Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds/USA Today: Lessons of the Cajun Navy: Don't wait for help, be the help

Wombat: The Hugos are dead, long live the Dragons (it's about fiction, like the fiction Obama cares)