Sunday, May 28, 2017

Social Justice Warriors turn on their Lefty Professor

While I admit a degree of schadenfreude over SJWs turning on their enablers, it is actually pretty depressing. Aren't college campuses supposed to be places where the free exchange of ideas and arguments take place? Now if you do not follow the current politically correct orthodoxy, you are attacked (including physically). This is a very bad trend.  

Gregg Allman RIP

Instapundit: Gregg Allman RIP and Gregg engaged to a 24 year old (back in 2012)

Rest In Peace Gregg. I have seen him play about a dozen times. I will miss him.

Legal Insurrection: Gregg Allman dies at 69

Powerline: Gregg Allman RIP

Zbigniew Brzezinski RIP

I did not care for much of Brzezinski's national security advice during the Carter years (although Camp David was more good than bad), and he was a senior advisor to Barack Obama (which on foreign policy was almost all bad). He was a good father according to his children.  

PJ Media/Charlie Martin: Zbigniew Brzezinski Dead at 89

The Insane and Wacky World of Shia LaBeouf

TMZ loves having failed Disney celebrities like Shia LaBeouf to report on!

Danger:  When Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus go "whoa" to your antics...

you might want to consider giving up drinking, Shia.

Shia has some demons. I think he is a pretty good actor when he wants to be, but having angry drunk events (that end up getting captured on cell phones and sent to TMZ) is not a good way to promote your career. For his own sake, he probably should give up drugs and drinking.  

Milo: Shia LaBeouf just got slapped with a multi million dollar lawsuit over a racist barroom rant.

EBL: Trump Supporters Capture Shia LaBeouf's flag and replace it with a MAGA hat

Instapundit: Sweet Schadenfreude: CNN points out lefties are not tolerant...

Flashback Freakouts (remember this one):

TMZ: Shia LaBeouf: Let's Dance!

Portland White Supremacist Stabbing Suspect is also a Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein Supporter

Instapundit: Narrative Uber Alles

Jeremy Christian is a thug racist criminal, who has mental health issues, issues with religion in general, and who supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein. The left was so ready to blame Donald Trump for this crime, but it turns out this accused dirtbag is one of their own

My prayers and condolences to the victims. Ricky Best (was a army veteran) and Taliesin Meche were both killed, but were heroes for intervening. Best ended up being killed at the start of Memorial Day weekend. 

TOM: Meet the new progressive, same as the old one...

Don Surber: That white supremacist killer is yours, Democrats

Milo: Narrative Destroyed: Portland stabbing suspect is a Bernie Bro

The Last Tradition: Jeremy Christian was a troubled Bernie Sanders Supporter

Twitchy: Jill Stein weighs in on Portland stabber, ignores that he was a supporter of Jill Stein
Instapundit: Portland used to seem kinda peaceful...

EBL: Bill de Blasio Staffer Arrested for Child Pornography

Hot Air: Tim Kaine's son criminally charged with violent assault at Trump rally

Bill De Blasio Staffer Jacob Schwartz Arrested For Child Pornography

JWF: Democrats sure know how to pick em

Hot Air: Tim Kaine's son criminally charged with violent assault at Trump rally

DaTechGuy: Neither rain, nor snow, nor Honoring Bombmakers will keep De Blasio from the PR Day Parade (and one day Democrats will be on the side of history honoring pedophile rights)