Monday, October 15, 2018


Orlando Riva Sound, about as authentically Native American as Elizabeth Warren!
This claim that all Warren need do is show any Native American DNA, no matter how small, reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of Warren’s claim to be Native American for employment purposes. Under clear EEOC and Harvard standards, Native American ancestry would not be sufficient to claim Native American status for employment purposes, which is what Warren did. 

Elizabeth Warren used a false of native heritage to look like a diversity hire at Harvard. This is like Richard Blumenthal claiming he served in Vietnam (when he didn't). Elizabeth Warren was playing the racial identity angle.  

After typical DNA tests failed to spot any markers for Native American, she found some statistician to say she might have some Native American heritage 6 to 10 generations back (might being the operative word). With that level of dilution, that is the homeopathy of DNA identity! That is not proof at all, that is just furtherance of the original lie.  

Does that mean Trump owes 1/1024th of a million?

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