Friday, July 28, 2017

Why is fish allowed to be eaten when one is fasting from meat?

I always assumed the exemption that allowed you to eat fish on fast days and during Lent was some sort of excuse because people want to eat some sort of animal protein, fructus maris as one might say in Latin (or fruit de la mer in French). The theory about you omnivores not wanting to be too strict vegetarians is probably mostly true, but here is the stated Biblical based reason for the exemption on fish, at least according to Atlas Obscura: While pigs, cows, sheep and other land-beasts had had to shelter from the Flood on Noah’s ark, fish were exempt, and therefore permissible.

I am not sure why that justifies eating fish, but there is a logic to it. I am not going to argue since I really like fish (and it does give a temporary reprieve for cows). Yes, I know you are supposed to sacrifice for Lent, but there is a long tradition of culinary creativity within the rules.  

But this rule is the reason you can get those weird interpretations that allow the eating of certain aquatic animals like capybaras, beavers, and alligators as "fish." Since those animals are aquatic based (at least in part), they are potentially on the menu (I am not sure if water buffalo count). Scientific American's explanation about eating beavers missed the nuance of the Noah's Ark explanation. The barnacle goose exemption was just a wee bit off on the actual biology, and sounds like something a few of the lesser Maesters may have bought into in Oldtown, but there you have it.

Mental Floss: Why isn't Fish Considered Meat During Lent?  Hmmm. I like the Atlas Obscura explanation better.  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Kristy Manzanares RIP

Lem's Place had this story and then I found this at Heavy. RIP. I am sorry to their children and her family. 

Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny's  77th Birthday is today!

FBI Special Counsel James A. Baker under investigation for leaking classified information?

James A. Baker, a good friend of James Comey

Baker is a close confidant of former FBI Director James Comey, and recent media reports suggested he was reportedly advising the then-FBI director on legal matters following private meetings the former director had in February with President Trump in the Oval Office. 
Baker was appointed to the FBI's general counsel by Comey in 2014 and has had a long and distinguished history within the intelligence community.
Does this (potentially) constitute a big f'n deal?

Right Scoop: Top FBI lawyer investigated for leaks?

Heavy: James A. Baker: Five Fast Facts You Need To Know Baker was a Comey's confidants for dealing with Pres. Trump

Daily Wire: House Judiciary Comm. to probe Comey and Clinton's 2016 Campaign

Twitchy: A Comey Homey getting investigated and Media buries stories they don't like

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TOM: Fat Feminism and the War on Sanity (Feminism just cares about the narcissism of feminism, damn every one and everything else and why Trump won)

If Insider Trading Is A Crime, Why Can Congress Do It?

Rub A Dub Dub, It's Fun In The Tub: Senate congeniality means you rub my back and I'll rub yours...

It is both parties. They are thick as thieves and corrupt as hell.  Not only did Congress exempt themselves from Obamacare, but they also exempted themselves from insider trading.

And "Honorable" John McCain is as corrupt and dirty as they come. Yes, McCain's wife is very wealthy, but John McCain himself has amassed quite a fortune on his own. He is worth tens of millions of dollars. How do you compile that sort of wealth on a public salary?

Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are not the only ones feeding at the government troughMitch McConnell, John Kasich (good advice to constituents on how to buy a house), Harry Reid are examples of people "public service" who have amassed multi-million dollar fortunes.

Even Socialist Bernie Sanders managed to score a few choice real estate properties, while his wife ran a college into bankruptcy. Feel the Bern indeed.

So we wonder, why things never seem to change? Because once you win the lottery of getting in the House and Senate, you haver zero personal incentive to change it. And they get to make the oversight rules, on themselves.

Via AoSHQ: Our GOP Elites?

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Professor Bainbridge: Congress is getting rich off Wall Street and Peter Schweizer won't stop till everyone knows it.

EBL: Meanwhile Democrats have a cover-up to deal with, don't worry there are "Honorable" men like John McCain who will assist his friends.

Imran Awan arrest and his disturbing connections to Democrat Leadership

Bill Clinton with Imran Awan

Imran Awan and his Pakistani family associates were given access to top secret information by Debbie Wasserman Shultz and other Democrat members of Congress.  They are alleged to have stolen millions and likely funneled classified information to Pakistan and others.  

Roger Simon: We need a Special Counsel on this 100x more than RussiaGate! AoSHQ bumps it to 1000x!
Jeff Sessions should immediately appoint a special counsel in this case whose tentacles are so vast they reach the highest levels of our government. The FBI, working unsupervised, has already been tainted by its heavily-criticized investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, an investigation that actually may turn out to be related to this one. It cannot be trusted to do this by themselves. We need a special counsel.
AoSHQ:  Fusion GPS (I wonder if they are in on this too)

Jim Geraghty: The bizarre criminal investigation of Shultz's IT Aide

Instapundit: Why was Awan's wife allowed to leave?Why was Debbie Wasserman Shultz continuing to give Imran Awan money?, Special Counsel Needed ASAPUnderstanding the Awan ConnectionHouse IT staffer Imran Awan just arrested at Dulles Airport, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and the DNC: A criminal organization masquerading as a political party

EBL: If she had a hammer: Debbie Wasserman Shultz knows how to deal with evidence and Did Democrat Members of Congress let Pakistani IT workers have access to top secret information and steal millions of dollars?

Wombat: Mark Steyn: Dulles Does For Debbie and Power Line: Understanding The Awan Connection

Game of Thrones Dead Pool

Which major GoT characters die (and aren't brought back) and the odds

One of the best things of the Walking Dead series is the Talking Dead follow on segment when they go over who didn't make it through that night's episode.

I am putting Jeff Sessions' survival at 1:2 (against)

Forbes: So what's up with Theon?

AoSHQ: Must Read about Fusion GPS

Roger Simon: We need a Special Counsel Here!

AoSHQ:  Fusion GPS (we need some special counsel)

Daily Caller: Firing Sessions could cause a crisis at DOJ
As far as Theon, I am not sure what else he could have done at the end of Stormborn. If he attacked, Euron would have killed his sister (then again he may have killed her anyway). Episode 3 has Euron parading through Kings Landing and Episode 4's title is a bit foreboding...

So is Jeff Sessions really out to save Donald Trump? What is going on with those two? All I know this back and forth between Trump and Sessions is weird.

Hot Air: Playground bullying to get a recess appointment? and Why Jeff Sessions should quit and do Dancing With The Stars

Rush Limbaugh: Rush's new theory on Sessions and TrumpObama holdovers responsible for leaks? (Rush goes with the Godfather analogy)What is really going on with Sessions (it does not make a lot of sense to Rush either), The Canonization of Robert MuellerHow Trump can get rid of Mueller, and Trump wanted Session to be a Brawler

Wombat: BattleSwarm: House Democrat IT Scandal Shoes Start Dropping, Jammie Wearing Fools: Russia Probe – Democrats Block Key Witness Against Shadowy Firm Fusion GPS, Megan McArdle: Employers Rejecting Pot Users Will Pay A High Price, Mark Steyn: Flight And Fancy

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Separated at Birth: Jeff Sessions and...?

Is Jeff Sessions the Reek of the Trump Administration...

But doesn't that makes Donald Trump the Ramsey Bolton?

I get why Trump is upset. I concur that some face saving politically appropriate departure of Jeff Sessions makes sense. But this on going public humiliation makes zero sense to me, other than some sort of weird Kabuki theater or Sessions and Trump being completely dysfunctional. Either option is not good. 

Attacking his own Attorney General in public as he is doing reflects badly on the President. If it is so bad that things are not working out, ask for his resignation and if he refuses fire him. Time it for a recess appointment. If you are going to pull off the band aid or scab, do it quick. 

Congress is passing veto proof sanctions on Russia that Trump cannot roll back. Trump has zero support from Democrats and is losing support with his own party.  

The Mueller probe is a horrible abuse of power. Mueller is no saint, he is a snake. This independent counsel thing should never have happened given there is not even an underlying crime to warrant the investigation, but it did. Part of that blame falls to Jeff Sessions and part of it to President Trump's own hamfistedness surrounding the Comey firing. Meanwhile Democrats' own corruption is ignored and being covered up.  

I am with Instapundit, Sessions position on civil asset forfeiture is grounds enough to fire him. We do not need cops being robbers.

EBL: Separated at Birth: Lavrentiy Beria and Robert Mueller and Fire Jeff Sessions 

Instapundit: What journalism is all aboutAmerican Thinker: Fire Mueller?, Be smart about it, Roger Simon: Advice for President Trump, Rod Rosenstein says Comey broke protocol by leaking to press, and The damage Obama did was worst than imagined

Rush Limbaugh: Rush's new theory on Sessions and TrumpObama holdovers responsible for leaks?What is really going on with Sessions (it does not make a lot of sense to Rush either), The Canonization of Robert MuellerHow Trump can get rid of Mueller, and Trump wanted Session to be a Brawler

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Don Surber: Trump got Schumer to love Sessions and No path to 270

Daily Caller: Firing Sessions could cause a crisis at DOJ

AoSHQ:  Fusion GPS (we need some special counsel)

Gay Patriot: Trump's thing with Sessions is weird
It’s true.
  • The FBI and DOJ leaderships are indeed politically corrupted. Trump probably hired Sessions to clean them up.
  • Andrew McCabe is indeed a raging Democrat whose wife takes money from Hillary.
  • Special Counsel Mueller does hire only strict Hillary partisans, and looks to be going out of control. (He was supposed to deliver a timely report on 2016 election interference. It looks like that won’t be happening.)
  • Former FBI Director, James “Leaker” Comey, probably was a “fixer” for the Clintons as I explained at length, awhile back.
  • Sessions should indeed be focused on these matters, and on the government leaks (which are probably related to these matters or a good entrance into them) – NOT marijuana.
Jonah Goldberg: "Winning" the Sessions fight

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Trump just lost Caitlyn Jenner's vote...

Nancy Pelosi responds that "pride" will trump hate. Or some other pablum. 

The military is not a place to engage in social experiments/engineering in transgender pride and other nonsense, it is a fighting force. Jim Mattis is not a fan of this crap. Get rid of regulations that are hampering our ability to defeat our enemies. While I suppose there may be some transgender folks who can serve honorably without being a distraction, most of this nonsense lately is a distraction. 

Washington Examiner: Republican allies surprised 

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