Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary Rotten Clinton tries to woo Sanders Supporters...

EBL: Bernie Sanders should plagiarize this speech, Dirty Debbie Does DNC, and Politico's Ken Vogel conspires with Crooked Hillary against Bernie

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dirty Debbie Does The DNC

Bernie Sanders should plagiarize parts of a Republican speech for the Democrat National Convention...

Democrats erect 4 mile long wall around their convention and it's eight feet high
Hogewash: Democrat Convention Starts Today
The imagery of the Democrats erecting a four mile long wall around their convention is better than ice cream. Especially since it seems intended to keep Bernie Sanders supporters and #OccupyDNC from distrubting #CrookedHillary's Coronation.

And Wikileaks is promising more of these releases before the general election?  Wow.  

Instapundit: Dirty Debbie booed out of her own event this morning,  Sanders supporters chant "Lock Her Up" about Hillary, Trump's speech was a smash hit,  60 Minutes in the bag for HillaryDebbie Wasserman Shultz out at DNC Convention (but now working for Hillary)

EBL: Tulsi Gabbard Democrat Rule 5 and Dirty Debbie Does The DNC

Wikileak emails reveal Democrats called their outreach events to Latinos "Taco Bowls." This is what the DNC really thinks about Latinos. 

Of course, Ted Cruz is heading to a wall (of sorts) following is non-endorsement of Donald Trump at the RNC:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Syrian Migrant Blows Himself Up in Ansbach, Germany

Machete Control Needed In Germany: Syrian Migrant Murders Pregnant Woman In Germany

A Hero Driver Runs Him Over With His BMW, Killer Arrested

A bearded Syrian refugee kills a pregnant woman who worked at his family's kebab stand. Police are saying this might be a crime of passion, not terrorism. That may be true. It is reported this individual has had other incidents in the past. It is also true that a lot of young Islamist men tend to have certain passions over issues involving women, sex, and the liberal use of violence to attempt to resolve such issues.  

Three events in a week.  Motivations for these attacks vary from likely terrorism to mental illness. While there will be calls to control guns, axes, and machetes in Germany, perhaps German citizens could benefit from some immigration control?  

This also works for the Reutlingen machete attack:

US Defense Watch: Syrian migrant asylum seeker machete attack in Germany
American Power Blog: Authorities can't use right wing spin on this one
Legal Insurrection: German gun control laws not getting the job done
The Last Tradition: Coming to a town near you
The Daily Gator: Syrian Refugee Acting Out

Dirty and Corrupt Politico Reporter Ken Vogel Coordinating With Crooked Hillary and the DNC Against Sanders? With bonus Tulsi Gabbard.

These released Wikileaks documents show what the Sanders campaign and his supporters suspected all along, Crooked Hillary and her Crooked Crew rigged the system against Bernie Sanders. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC were all in for Clinton.  

CNN: Dirty Debbie Dropped from DNC Convention
Update: CNN: Dirty Debbie out after #DNC Convention
Clinton wants to avoid embarrassment and want her out now even if she was Clinton's Comrade...

Vogue: Next Democrat Party Star? Not if Crooked Hillary has anything to do about it. 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

DaTechGuy: The#FeelTheBern Crowd, Gets Burned and 3d Thinking (actually 4d)

American Gods