Monday, April 24, 2017

Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel Yom HaShoah

Why Hillary Clinton Lost: Robby Mook

[I]n spite of a few lonely voices (including Bill Clinton’s), the Clinton campaign assumed it could win with a coalition of minorities and college-educated whites and so focused on that. Bill Clinton and many state Democratic operatives kept pushing for campaign visits and efforts among white working-class voters, but Mook saw that as a waste of resources and not fitting into his model. While there were some post-convention scares in the polls, almost everyone on the Clinton campaign thought they had this sewn up — until early returns from Florida started coming in on Election Night: 
No, [Steve] Schale explained, Trump’s numbers [in Florida] weren’t just big, they were unreal. In rural Polk County, smack-dab in the center of the state, Hillary would collect 3,000 more votes than Obama did in 2012 — but Trump would add more than 25,000 to Mitt Romney’s total. In Pasco County, a swath of suburbs north of Tampa-St. Petersburg, Trump outran Romney by 30,000 votes. . .  
All over the state, the returns looked the same. Schale and [Craig] Smith knew there just weren’t enough votes left in Democratic territory to offset the Trump surge.
Even before Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were called by the networks for Trump, it became clear that Mook’s analytic model had failed and that Clinton had lost, leading to her concession call to Donald Trump at 2:40 am ET.
Wow. I had no idea that Robby Mook was a Russian.

EBL: Hillary Shattered, but still out there and Hillary Clinton Election Night Admission

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Judge Alex Kozinski

I happened to catch the Alex Kozinski segment on Sixty Minutes.  

I generally liked it. I am a fan of Judge Kozinski and appreciate his libertarian impulses. I suspect Sixty Minutes cut a lot out, but over all did not trash him.  There is more at Sixty Minutes Overtime.

Then And Now...After A Hard Day Engaging Fascists

Charles Martel and the Battle of Tours

Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)

Erin Moran RIP

Like a lot of young stars, she battled demons for years. It takes a toll and I suspect it caused her early death.  I am sorry she is gone. RIP.

Deadline: Erin Moran dead at 56

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kate Upton: Lip Sync Battle

This is just shameless pop pulp and I can't believe I am giving it any attention at all...

But it involves Kate Upton.  

American Airlines Thug Flight Attendant

Daily Mail: American Airlines employee challenges passenger to fight, makes mom cry

A point of clarification. We cannot see the events leading up to this interaction. Let's assume the mom was improperly stowing a stroller and the flight attendant accidentally hit her when he was trying to remove it from the over head.  I doubt he would have intentionally hit her, although he might have been brusque (we don't know, since we did not see it).  

But obviously the exchange outraged those who witnessed it.  Even if their perception was wrong, it is critical the flight crew deescalate the event. The passenger was not being violent, he asked for the crew member's name so he could report the incident. This American Airlines employee instead taunts the passenger who stands up for her to strike him.  Had the passenger done so, the he would have undoubtably been arrested and facing federal charges. We do not need this crap from the flight crew. Sorry, but this flight attendant was so unprofessional and that he should be fired.  

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