Friday, February 17, 2017

Chrissy Teigen

Trump Administration to use 100,000 National Guard Troops to round up illegals?

Given the timing of this story (around the non event day without immigrants) let's just say it stinks...

I am calling BS on this until it is confirmed by the Administration...
and Scott Spicer says it is bullshit (well he said it was false)

EBL: Trump takes on CNN Acosta and Fake News Outlets

DRUDGE REPORT: AP National Guard Story Botch That's why they call it Fake News!

Rush Limbaugh: AP Fake News and CIA moles trying to hurt Trump
Instapundit: AP Fake News and This is why the public is losing faith in the media
Legal Insurrection: This is how you manufacture fake news, one AP cow patty at a time...
Victory Girls: Media freak out over National Guard AP story, too bad it is complete fiction

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Milo and Maher Tonight

I stopped watching Real Time long ago, but I will watch this episode (if you want to submit overtime questions here is the link). While I have made it a point not to patronize Bill Maher's show or his various other enterprises like Vice, I am intrigued to see Milo Yiannopoulos in this venue. Bill Maher turned into (or rather fully revealed himself to be) a hypocritical pathetic tool years ago, but Maher recognizes ratings and I suspect Milo will deliver them. Milo can be a hell of a debater. I hope it doesn't suck. 

And Cowardly Jeremy Scahill cancels in fear of Milo! Is Milo really that scary? It is a good thing Real Time is not in Washington State or Scahill might be sued for shunning a gay man! But hey Scahill also does not like Maher's criticism of Islam, so perhaps that explains his homophobia. 

President Trump takes on CNN Reporter Jim Acosta and the Media

Trump does look like he is enjoying himself sparing with the media. And while I am generally not a fan of bull fights, Roger Simon is right. President Trump should do these more often.