Thursday, July 20, 2017

O.J. Free Again


Now I guess he can continue his search for Nicole's murderer...

AoSHQ: O.J. Simpson granted parole, going to Florida
Legal Insurrection: O.J. Simpson granted parole in unanimous vote

Demographic Winter Is Coming...

Game of Thrones as a mirror to our situation?  

Some are saying GoT is really hinting at Climate Change (and its denial) as the threat. That may be, although is the world getting an extended summer really such a terrible fate? Of course we have Al Gore, who got his wreath initially from fossil fuel stocks and is traveling the world in private jets, claiming we are all facing doom if we don't change our ways. Other celebrities are willing to part briefly from their lifestyles, to occasionally chide us about our carbon generation. We are all too selfish to pay attention to them...

Or is the real threat the massive influx into Europe of persons hostile to Western Civilization?

EBL: What's going on with hockey sticks and climate change?

Mark Steyn: The biggest issue of our timesIt's still the demography, stupid! and Mann, Hockey and Climate Change

Instapundit: ALL IS PROGRESSING AS MARK STEYN HAS FORESEENAs Europe’s migrant crisis enters a new phase, it’s clear that European leaders have neither the will nor desire to preserve their own civilization.

John McCain and Brain Cancer

I am sympathetic to John McCain the man, warrior and patriot, while at the same time profoundly in disagreement with him over much of his politics and positions as a U.S. Senator. I supported him and was frustrated by him when he ran for President. At the same time, I recognize that politics is often the art of compromise. McCain is a complex person.

His judgment about people like Ted Kennedy (who was a horrible nasty person) was misplaced. I recognize in the Senate you have to work with the opposition (and not all of them are bad, simply because they are the opposition) but Ted Kennedy was a liar and corrupted soul.

I wish and pray for John McCain to have a speedy recovery. My prayers to his family also, since this will be very difficult for them. I hope he gets to spend quality time with his family.

I also hope he retires from the Senate, because that would be better for the country. I do not support Republicans who think attacking conservatism shows how "fair" they are. If conservatism is right (and I am speaking in broad sense of free markets, limited government/fiscal conservatism, and liberty), then it is right. Support that.

Instapundit: Charlie Martin: McCain's glioblastoma will be the fight of his life and McCain, 80, diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor

Daily Mail: McCain more worried about going after Trump. Priorities.  

Lunar Landing: July 20, 1969

Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong

The Launderettes: What Would Joan Jett Do?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Woodsterman: Wednesday is for Silly

A View From The Beach: Male Feminist Pearl Clutching

Instapundit: Roger Simon: He has seen the future, and it's miserable

TOM: Feminism's Excuse Factory: Nikki Yovino, Title IX, and False Rape Accusations

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

President Trump you need to...

Fire Jeff Sessions

President Trump, Jeff Sessions did not do you any favors with his recusal over Russian interference in the election and you ended up with Mueller on a witch hunt (and you are the witch). But this asset forfeiture nonsense is just vile. I am also for leaving the marijuana thing to the states. Jeff Sessions is not helping. You need a new Attorney General.

They pressured you not to fire Sessions following Comey, but what if you had fired Sessions first?  Maybe you would be way better off with a different AG?  It summertime and it is the best time for firing up the grill and a poor performing AG.

Okay, don't fire him. Work to find a replacement and then have him resign.

DRUDGE REPORT: Sessions Shade

Victory Girls: Asset Forfeiture Is Theft

NRO: AG Jeff Sessions Should Drop Civil Asset Forfeiture

Hot Air: The New DOJ Asset Forfeiture Guidelines Are Obscene

Powerline: Good man under a bus? Civl asset forfeiture is not what a "good" man promotes.

Instapundit: Jeff Sessions should drop civil forfeitureJeff Sessions has been a disappointment and this is just idiocy

#NationalHotDogDay Celebrate National Hot Dog Day

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Woodsterman: Walmart?

Pirate's Cove: If all you can see is...

Goodstuff's Blog: Mostly Puppy Treats

90 Miles from Tyranny: Don't Enable Stalkers

Political Clown Parade: Flowing Curves of Beauty

EBL: Uncle Floyd Goes To New Jersey's Rutt's Hutt

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Porchetta Recipes

Gordon Ramsay: Suckling Pig Porchetta

Porchetta, which is slow roasted smoked pork, is a culinary gift of Italy.  

Lem Levity: Man shoots 800 plus pound pig in Alabama A big feral hog has to be cooked thoroughly and carefully. 

Why did NPR spike the Milo Yiannopoulos Interview?

Milo challenges that the journalism does not understand much of the country and as a result cannot report accurately on it.  I can see NPR having a hard time wrapping their heads around Milo Yiannopoulos is saying.  

NPR can post or not post what it wants. A 45 minute interview is not that easy to plug into any spot on NPR, other than Terry Gross's Fresh Air.  This interview is not the same as the infamous Terry Gross and Gene Simmons interview, but there are some substantive challenges raised Milo Yiannopoulos to the media.  

Queenie Rosita Law

Queenie Rosita Law is the heiress of Bossini and was kidnapped and held as a hostage.  Eventually she was released and the kidnappers (and the ransom) was recovered.  There is a little bit of a Patty Hearst thing going, with Ms. Law calling her kidnappers 'civilized', although they were not the Weather Underground and they did treat her humanely.  

I am not a fan of her t shirt : TOM: Feminism's Excuse Factory

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Pirate's Cove: If all you see is...

Proof Positive: Sex in Advertising

Goodstuff's Blog: Mostly Puppy Treats

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Teddy Escapes, Blonde Drowns

Instapundit: Never Forget 

This is how Democrats really treat women. 

Driving John McCain: Better avoid bridges in Martha's Vineyard...

Hey Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell...

DRUDGE REPORT: You guys are awesome!

I do not criticize Rand Paul, Jerry Moran and Mike Lee for voting no on the Senate's Repeal and Replace. They were right to do so. I do criticize those  hypocrite Senators that blocked Repeal only. They should call the vote anyway so we know who the sell out are.  

But you have to love our fabulous House and Senate leadership through all of this. So now we can all watch the slow motion train wreck that is Obamacare.  

Spying Lying Democrats: Don Surber explains how Obama wiretapped Trump

Then again you could also call these two the "Lie-men" for the Country

The more you dig, the more rigged you realize the system is.

EBL: Obama set up Trump?, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and Holes

Jack Posobiec: Lynch and Fusion GPS and the Tapping of Trump

DC Whispers: Lynch ordered illegal wiretapping of Trump Campaign

Doug Ross: Obama's AG Lynch ordered Manafort's phone tapped during meeting

Instapundit: Don Surber: Obama trapped Don Jr. to justify spying on Trump, How the NSA spies on Americans, and Is it time to appoint a special counsel to investigate Democrats?

Wombat: Twitchy: Postal Workers Dispatched To Battleground States To Campaign For Hillary, Democrats, Power Line: Leftist Judges Turn Administrative Law Into A Sham, Don Surber: Trump Can Dump Obamacare, Weasel Zippers: NRA Goes After Washington Post – “Your Slogan Should Be ‘Journalism Dies Here'”, also, Soros Gave $20.7 Million To US Climate Groups Allegedly Funded By Russia

Why did Officer Mohammed Noor shoot Justine Damond?

This is a very disturbing shooting. I was also disturbed by Philandro Castile's shooting in St. Paul.  Like the Castile shooting, this Minneapolis shooting follows a similar and sudden rapid escalation pattern (except it was Justine Damond who called the police in the first place to report a possible sexual assault she witnessed from her home).  

How does an officer shoot an unarmed woman in her pajamas speaking to his partner under these circumstances? His partner was talking with her from the police vehicle and Officer Noor shot over him at Ms. Damond. She was shot multiple times and was allegedly holding a cell phone, so it is possible Officer Noor mistook that for a weapon?  We do not know yet. The investigation is ongoing. Both officers had their body cameras off at the time of the shooting.  

There will undoubtedly be issues of race raised in this matter. This time we have a Somali cop and a white Australian American woman who was shot dead. As most of these shootings go, they are not driven by race, at least not directly. Rather, it is police in a quick reaction situation having to decide do they need to defend themselves or not?  Sometimes the shootings are justified, sometimes not.  

This one does not appear justified.  

Daily Mail: Noor Startled?  

Weasel Zippers: Cop Who Shot Unarmed Minneapolis Woman Had Prior Complaints

Powerline: A loud noise? This shooting looks less and less justified the more we know, A police shooting with a difference, and Damond's Duck Reunion

Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Dr. Who Time Lord

Deadline: Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Dr. Who Time Lord (and the first woman in the role)

Daily Mail: Jodie Whittaker at the new Time Lord (she is in Venus above)

DaTechGuy: Dr. Who goes SJW Ghostbusters so after 41 years he is done and Why Dr. Who should not be a woman

Pete is willing to take the heat on this from various SJWs and others, which I sort of admire (he is completely entitled to his subjective take on this). I get why a favorite character's gender fluidity would bother Pete.

I personally don't care that much about Dr. Who, but that is because I was never particularly into Dr. Who [My go to vintage British sci-fi show was UFO. The late Martin Landeau's Space 1999 was okay too--but a pale second to UFO--but I digress].

My problem with the re-made female Ghostbusters was not that it had women in it, but that it was not the least bit funny (it was a terrible boring movie). If you change a character in a fundamental way (and changing gender will do that) you have a completely different character.  It may or may not work, but you have shifted from the original character.

An all female Ghostbusters could have worked--if it was funny. Melissa McCarthy is generally funny. Kirsten Wiig is generally funny. Unfortunately for them, their version of Ghostbusters was not funny.

Fiction only works when you suspend disbelief and enjoy the allusion. For Pete, the Dr. Who allusion does not work with a female character.

Jodie Whittaker may rock this Dr. Who character for other fans. If she does, great. I wish her the best.

Daily Mail: Other women were supposedly considered but did not get the part

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Instapundit: Rebooting DC Comic's Snagglepuss as a 'gay Southern Gothic playwrite'

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