Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Why isn't anyone taking a knee for black on black violence?

Police shootings of African Americans are actually rare  Shootings of unarmed black men by the police is exceedingly rare. Even the NYT acknowledged, while police force is used more with black suspects, there is no statistical increase in shootings of black suspects.

Black on black murders, however, are rampant in places like Chicago. Isn't that the real problem? Here is a poll of black Americans that shows violence in their own communities more a problem than racial injustice. Yet Black Lives Matters ignores these metrics, why?

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  1. Is that what "taking a knee" means now. I'm so confused. I don't recall any part of the anthem that mentions racial killing. Is was written during the war of 1812 about a foreign government trying to oppress us. I thought stuff like that bothered Democrats.

    If we still had comedians, the parodies for all this BS write themselves, and the mockery would stop the absurdity pretty fast. Kneeling is just want an authoritative government would want you to do, so the protest gestures is lost in translation.

  2. Exactly. If you get past the "white cops, black kids", you get the welfare culture created by the Left.

    Kids raised in fatherless homes, no moral direction (many, thought by no means all, black preachers are vassals of the Democrat party), no education or respect for it ("acting white"), no role models, anarchic, drug-ridden neighborhoods (the police have been made to give up by black Democrat politicians), so the result is obvious.

    But, if you want to address black-on-black violence, then you rock the boat.


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