Wednesday, October 4, 2017

John Ringo: A Theory On Las Vegas

This theory is speculation at this point...

But read the whole thing.  

Legal Insurrection: More like Jared Loughner...

The Blaze: Was mental illness the reason for the attack?

The Hill: Shooter prescribed medication known to trigger agression?

Daily Mail: Shooter was methodical but also suffered allergic reactions to chemicals...

Wombat: American Thinker: The Time Factor And Active Shooter Incidents, This Ain’t Hell: I Used To Think Gun Control Was The Answer – My Research Told Me Otherwise

Mark Steyn: Theory of the Case: Mark is right, what was the shooter trying to accomplish, its seems very coldly calculating of achieving a political result, The Empty Paddock and Continued

Powerline: Speaking of Las Vegas

Hogewash: Speaking about Las Vegas

NBC News: Girlfriend claims Paddock screamed in his sleep?

Hot Air: About that repeated ISIS connection (it's probably a lie, but it's weird)

Las Vegas Review: Explosives found in Las Vegas have possible connection to NYC bombing?  If true connection (not just coincidence), wow...

Instapundit: FBI Agent: Pursuing multiple leads around the world? That does not suggest psychotic drug interaction. Was the shooting politically motivated? At this point we just don't know.  


  1. People are going nuts about the drug angle. He took Valium, so does The Blonde - for back pain (she has no psychiatric problems). He took Cymbalta, so did I once, so did The Blonde, except it made her jaundiced (it affects the liver), so she dropped it.

    Cymbalta may have produced some reaction. Maybe. The one thing I noticed in stories where neighbors were interviewed was he came across as surly, so he wasn't a "Perfectly normal guy and only a ‘loner’ to the extent he wasn’t terribly socially active". That may lead somewhere.

    1. The interesting part of Ringo's theory is how his wife was susceptible to the drug interactions. Paddock had negative reactions to chemicals. This is all speculation at this point, but given the lack of information, it's all we have right now. But Cymbalta is known to cause severe reactions (way worse than Valium).

  2. So 72 hours has gone by... I'm not buying the whole, "he's was just a normal guy" story from the family. There's nothing about this guy's history that sounds normal at all. There are also statements by the brother that seemed a bit too absolute from a family member that suddenly learned a sibling wasn't just a regular guy, but someone capable of mowing down innocent people. I get shock, but shock causes people to be off their game and uncertain, and the brother seemed very certain. I'm not saying he has any culpability, but I'm thinking he and others in the family are hiding some information for whatever reason.


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