Monday, October 9, 2017

Diane Feinstein Admits: No Law Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Shooter...

It is refreshing that Diane Feinstein is admitting this (even though she does want to go pass a "law" anyway just to show she did something). The Las Vegas shooter was a methodical, careful cold blooded killer. While we still do not know what his motivation was, obeying the law was not a consideration for him. While he legally obtained his firearms (at least we assume he did), he obviously planned this out long in advance.  His planning and execution of this attack was completely illegal.  No law would have deterred him.

I would also strongly suggest going to Sixty Minutes and seeing the interview of the police officers who stormed the shooter's hotel room. I am amazed they managed to do so in 12 minutes from when the shooting started. Kudos to the hero unarmed security guard Jesus Campos, who likely deterred the shooter from carrying out more mayhem, and while shot himself stayed until the officers arrived.

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