Monday, October 9, 2017

Jemele Hill and ESPN, Co-Dependent Fails

Jemele Hill must really want to push the envelope. Being an anchor is a very decent gig, why blow that by tweeting out stuff like this? It is not the role of a news anchor, let alone a sports anchor, to opine like this to the detriment of your employer's advertisers and the NFL. Especially not when ESPN is facing financial challenges right now.  

Who does she think she is, Keith Olbermann? I am surprised this did not result in her getting fired.   

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  1. How does so much stupid get a job like hers?

  2. This poor kid was given a job because she's a militant black female and she's a PC airhead who spouts the kind of stuff Disney wants to hear.

    Howsomever, in talking boycotts, she's killing the the goose what lays all them thar golden eggs, but that's what PC airheads and militant black females are paid to do.

    She just learned the old wheeze There's no such thing as a poor, white Liberal, whether it's racist or not, is nonetheless the God's honest truth.

  3. Fat, dumb and resentful is no way to get through life.


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