Monday, October 9, 2017

Celebrate Christopher Columbus Day with Bonus Canada Thanksgiving and Che Guevara's Golden Aniversary

Columbus Day: Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the Americas on October 12, 1492

It is also Canada's Thanksgiving

AoSHQ: Che Guevara 50th in hell

Don Surber: Unhappy Indigenous People Day

TOM: Free Speech Genocide? (is Columbus the blame for that)

DC Caller: To you Facebook wienies who were anti Columbus today

PJ Media: Antifa promises nationwide 'Deface Columbus Day' vandalism

EBL: Hare We GoHappy Columbus DayFrank Sinatra Columbus Day Special

National Review: War Against Columbus Day Has Its Roots In Marxism and the KKK

90 Miles From Tyranny: Why 'Indigenous People Day' Is Far Worse Than Columbus Day

Instapundit: Insulting Italian AmericansCelebrate Columbus' discoveries and Che's cowardice with a nice bottle of wineGlenn Reynolds: Restoring Optimism by New Age of DiscoveryIt has come to thisIgnoring the facts about Pre-Columbian America, Happy Columbus Day (yes it matters and yes it was a good thing), Trump proclaims Columbus Day, and Kicking the Week Off In Style

You should toast the Admiral of the Ocean Sea with a Cristoforo!

Have a drink to celebrate the 50th anniversary death of the
murderous homophobic racist coward Che Guevara

Dumb Move Ireland

J.J. Sefton/AoSHQ: Happy Columbus Day

Bring The Heat: Happy Columbus Day

Powerline: Columbus Day culture war

The Jawa Report: Columbus Rocks

AoSHQ: Celebrating CD


  1. The savages were anything but noble.

    1. Not true. People are people. There were good and bad on both sides. Native cultures varied widely. Many were quite civil. But guns, germs and steel changed things.

    2. I concur that whole "nobel savage" stuff was a lot of claptrap and is racism pushed by leftists. French intellectuals are generally wrong (there are a few exceptions).


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