Saturday, October 7, 2017

Separated at Birth: Roman Harvey-Day

Twitchy: Frank Rich Triggers The Left With This

Right Scoop: Rapper Nelly arrested for rape on his tour bus

Hot Air: Bloom was pushed and most of Hollywood is quite over Harvey

Twitchy: Joy Reid gets owned on HarveyJimmy Kimmel twitter war (but why no mention of Harvey on Jimmy's show)

TOM: The Harvey Weinstein Democrat BonfireHarvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, and the Democrat Party's doubtful futureHarvey Weinstein is a Democrat and a Pervert, but I repeat myself

Instapundit:The DNC can't give up Harvey's moneyDonna Brazile is in full denial of realityThe Godfather II analogy is fittingHarvey: You're FiredDemocracy Dies In Darkness: NYT killed a story on Weinstein back in 2004Hey Hollywood Pussyhat Wearers, no condemnation of Weinstein?, Hypocrisy on the LeftThe Cowardice of the Resistance, from SNL to Jimmy Kimmel, The pigs of liberalism, Has Brave Jimmy Kimmel said boo about Harvey Weinstein?, Conservatives shunned, but sexual predators are embraced in Hollywood, Classic from the late Michael Kelly: Ted Kennedy On The Rocks (Democrats roll like this), Harvey Weinstein loses key advisors (rats will abandon the ship), Strong Independent Women in Hollywood, Set Up By His Brother?

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