Sunday, October 8, 2017

Haley Atwell and Harvey Weinstein

I am going to guess Haley Atwell must have ultimately turned Harvey down...

TOM: Harvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, and the Democrat Party...

Daily Mail: Haley Atwell's Assets 

EBL: The Harvey Girls,  Roman Harvey-Day and Harvey Weinstein and the NYT go to war

Instapundit: Harvey Weinstein, the Human StainHollywood SilenceWashington Examiner: Hillary Clinton is no feminist icon (actually she shows how flawed Feminism is), The DNC can't give up Harvey's moneyDonna Brazile is in full denial of realityThe Godfather II analogy is fittingHarvey: You're Fired, Democracy Dies In Darkness: NYT killed a story on Weinstein back in 2004Meathead Rob Reiner whines sexual harassment happens everywhereWould the Harvey Weinstein story even had come out if Hillary was elected?

TOM: The Harvey Weinstein Democrat BonfireHarvey Weinstein, Ashley Judd, and the Democrat Party's doubtful futureHarvey Weinstein is a Democrat and a Pervert, but I repeat myself

Goodstuff's Cyber World: Harvey Heroes (not the Weinstein kind), talking about skeevy Democrats Anthony Weiner's Sexting Partner, and Hurray for Bollywood

Daily Mail: Streep flips on Weinstein, claiming she never knew Either she is a liar or a complete clueless idiot, actually she's probably both.

Proof Positive: Harvey: The invisible six foot tall sexual predator (why is it so many in Hollywood missed him...)

A View From The Beach: Democrat Mega-Supporter Accused of Sexual Harassment

AoSHQ: Harvey compromised media whores and Harvey, Whores, and the NYTs

Hot Air:  Why are Obama and Hillary silent on Harvey and Hollywood Whispers

Rush Limbaugh: Harvey Weinstein's story is a teachable lesson on Liberalism

Powerline: Harvey Weinstein, Love me, I'm A Liberal and The Human Stain

Legal Insurrection: Harvey Weinstein gets fired from his company

JWF: Streep, who once called Weinstein god, now feigns outrage

Lem's Place: Donna Karan slut shaming Weinstein accusers

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon

DaTechGuy: The Weinstein Left Buy Silence

Don Surber: Weinstein a warning to Hillary

Twitchy: Chelsea Clinton gets torched

Hogewash: In Re Harvey Weinstein

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. She looks fine to me, but it just goes to show Weinstein is not only a jerk and a Lefty (oxymoron, I know), but also has no taste and wouldn't know a woman if he saw one.


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