Saturday, October 21, 2017

Post Weinstein Fallout: Evan Rachel Wood is aiming at the worse of Hollywood Corruption

EBL: Academy Darling Roman Polanski accused of sexually assaulting a 10 year old girlFrank Sinatra: Mrs. Robinson#MeToo: Women Sharing Their Accounts of Sexual Assault, The Corrupt Ephors of the Academy decide Harvey Weinstein's fate, Roman Harvey-Day, Russian Collusion with Hillary and Obama

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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TOM: Weinstein accuser flees Italy

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AoSHQ: Do you think Matt Damon and George Clooney would lie?

Animal Magnetism: Saturday Gingermageddon and Hump Day News

90 Miles From Tyranny: Busted... and Malkin: Beware the rape allegation bandwagon

Proof Positive: Best of WebVintage Babe Of The Week Anita Colby and FNB Sasha Alexander

Instapundit: Italians siding with Weinstein?, Why aren't we calling out Bill Clinton abuse?, Weinstein not taking sex therapy seriously, They all knew in Hollywood

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  1. So I remember when I first heard that they were making a biopic about Howard Hughes. I spent the better part of my life as an aerospace engineer, so I wanted to see that film. Then I heard it was Leo DiCaprio playing the lead role. But I got past it, because I really wanted to see the film. I just decided to wait until Blu-ray, but that's what I do for most movies. Until I got the movie home, I didn't read anything about the movie so as not to spoil anything.

    I get home. Pop in the disc. I have the popcorn ready. And the first scene appears.

    A naked young boy standing in front an adult woman getting bathed.


    Howard Hughes lived an incredible life. His mysophobia was hardly the most important part of his life, but even if important enough to cover; it didn't need a nude scene of a boy old enough to wash himself being bathed by an adult woman. I was taken out of the story, because my first thought was not just who thought to include the scene, but the poor kid and actress being asked to film it. That's their screen time, and it is a scene that could have been left on the floor. Actually, it never needed to be shot.

    So who thinks to include a scene like this? I think we will soon get our answer.

  2. She's the one who had to wear a twat wig in Mildred Pierce.

    I can just imagine...


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