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Saturday, February 3, 2018

I, Tonya: A Review

I, Tonya is for the most part a good movie. Margot Robbie does a fabulous job as Tonya Harding. Allison Janney is equally impressive as her mother. The other supporting actors, such as Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly and Bobby Cannavale playing a fictional character from Hard Copy are very good.

The film is directed by Craig Gillespie and screenplay written by Steven Rogers. It is critical of Tonya's white trash up bringing, but Tonya did grow up in a hard scrabble abusive Oregon working class family. It is what it is.

The movie goes beyond the banality of evil of the various players in this media melodrama and points the finger at us all who consume these stories. There is a lot of breaking of the fourth wall and it is told in a Rashomon style from the various characters' individual perspectives (which as you can expect widely differ). While the movie at times abruptly shifts tone and it could have been done better, I can forgive that. Sometimes the skating CGI was off, but then again--skating (while important to the story) is not the central focus of the film. Overall, I thought the film worked.  

Paul Walter Hauser as Shawn Eckardt

Shawn Eckardt is depicted in the film as the bungling loser 'mastermind' of the Nancy Kerrigan attack. Paul Walter Hauser does a good job playing him. In a scene in Eckardt's parent's basement (where he lived), there is an old Ronald Reagan poster on the wood paneling that the camera pauses on. The message is obvious--that it was idiots like Shawn (and his family) that gave us Ronald Reagan (and hint hint, Donald Trump).  It was not necessary for the film--it's distracting (although I am sure it will play well for some Academy voters and those rabid anti Trumpers). Would this movie do the same if there was a Carter or Clinton poster in that home? 

The Two Tonyas Together

Julianne Nicholson as Tonya's skating coach

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  1. So here's the one question in my mind when I first heard about "I, Tonya". It's a quote from RedLetterMedia about another film: "But was it a story that needed to be told?"


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