Saturday, January 27, 2018

Erick Erickson says we are all cucks now...

Ok, but I have to ask, was Trump's offer (which the Democrats automatically disapproved) something that if offered by Jeb Bush, Mitch Romney, or Marco Rubio that NRO and most of the GOPe would have been against?  Dare I say Erick Erickson would have supported it?

What about Hillary (had she won), what would have happened to DACA then? Wouldn't she be doing all she could to make this happen with or without congress (and she would have had her pick as the swing vote on the Supreme Court).

I take Ted Cruz's criticism seriously, still I have to wait and see how this immigration offer and subsequent negotiations play out. Mark Kirkorian says it is a betrayal. Don Surber disagrees. Monica Showalter has a similar take to Surber's. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but given what I have seen play out over the past two years, I trust Don Surber's take and Donald Trump more on this than I trust the NeverTrumper crowd.

Let's see if they can assemble the 60 votes in the senate to get this passed and in what form.

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    With a cuck, cuck here. Cuck, cuck there.
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  2. Erick Erickson is a NeverTrumnper Libertarian blowhard. He's motivated by who he wants to lose, mostly Conservatives, and is the quintessential Libertarian; he wants the culture to change, but will always tell you you can't beat the Demos on the economy or social issues.

    And, yeah, if anybody's the Ultimate Cuckold, it's him.

    PS As long as Trump offers the Demos DACA with something in it for the rest of the country (Wall, end chain migration, e-verify, end the visa lottery, etc.), he knows damned well The Demos have to turn it down.

    Why do you think Pelosi Galore described the latest proposal as Make America White Again?

    1. ed, Erick Erickson is not a "L" or "l" libertarian. He is a GOPe conservative.

    2. He would rather be smug and right (in his own mind) and lose. While that has a "L" libertarian feel to it, he is too priggish for the Reason crowd.

  3. No, his claim to fame is as a L. That he has some people thinking he's a C just shows how duplicitous he is.

    1. There are a lot of people who call themselves conservatives, but aren't. Erick Erickson is not quite as rabid as some of the NeverTrumpers at RedState (although that is not saying a lot), but Libertarian? No.

    2. Libertarian, yes. Go back about 10 years.

      But, again, there are a lot of people who call themselves libertarians.

  4. To be fair, DACA may be one of those DC creations, like healthcare, that long career politicians expect to just be an issue for a campaign and never be reconciled. The gang of 8 sort of protected Congress from either side coming up with something palatable. The problem with Trump is he, like most Americans, assumed they were serious about a wall at some point.


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