Thursday, January 18, 2018

But what about the Dreamers?

Ok, Sayfullo Saipov did not fall under DACA, he came to the US via a diversity visa program. Still, do we really need this kind of diversity? Didn't his victims have dreams? 

Here is a fact most of the media ignores: DACA illegals are twice as likely to commit crimes. Coincidence? Don't we have a right to at least try to sort good people from bad?  

90 Miles From Tyranny: Dreamer?

Wombat: Power Line: BOMBSHELL – Simpson Admits Fusion GPS Went To The Press To Salvage Hillary’s Campaign, also, With Alex Acosta History Repeats Itself, Mark Steyn: The Media Get Waisted, also, Grab ‘Em By The Pussyhat

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