Saturday, January 13, 2018

What A Shithole!

Instapundit: More Fake NewsCelebrities who said they would move if Trump won did not pick slums in Central America, they also did not actually moveSenator Lindsay Graham describing places in Central America as hellholes... and Don't Care (not even a little)

Twitchy: Meghan McCain slams Jen Rubin for trolling kidsIllegal alien hijacks bus, threatens to kill passengersSenator who slammed Trump for sh*thole comment better sit this one out...

TOM: MS-13 gang murder confessionIllegal alien causes mayhem by highjacking buss and threatening to shoot passengers

A View From The Beach: Is it racist to call North Korea a shithole country? and American education is a real shithole

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: Senator David Perdue says Trump never made comment

Lem's Place: Anthony Bourdain in HaitiWhite Trash like me and Haiti is a shithole

Powerline: What do Trump, Obama and Lindsay Graham all have in common?

Diogenes' Middle Finger: Not repeating mistakes of the past is racist?

90 Miles From Tyranny: The value of calling a shithole a shithole...

Political Clown Parade: The Great Shithole Controversy Of 2018

NY Post: Is Trump digging himself into a shithole?

Legal Insurrection: Sh*thole Sh*tstorm distraction

Granite Grok: You say sh*t show, I say sh*t hole

Pirate's Cove: Surprise, not a lot care...

Woodsterman: Happy shithole!

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