Friday, January 12, 2018

Was Trump Wrong?



The media can't wait to pounce on Trump can they? But while not phrased the way the State Department might, Trump's statement about Haiti is generally correct. Haiti is a disaster (so is much of Africa), the way we give aid to Haiti has not helped (and has actually hurt it). Policies in Haiti have destroyed its environment

So which is worse, correctly describing the status in Haiti or the Clintons using a disaster for their own benefit? It is the system of kleptocracy government there that has destroyed the Haitian half of the island and made it horrible for the people who live there.  

Meanwhile the Chinese are investing heavily in Africa. China is looking for building relationships and projects that benefit both China and Africa. You know what the Chinese are not doing, bringing Africans to China.  

To be fair, the President set himself up for this media mini frenzy (by saying he would sign any deal put in front of him and then possibly speaking to forcefully when he saw the shitty deal offered), but as for this DACA deal (a supposed bipartisan deal with Jeff Flake on the Republican side), just say no to it Mr. President. Even NRO says this DACA deal is garbage. NPR and CNN are giddy in quoting Trump about a "shit hole" comment. Trump denies he said that, but he concurs he thinks the DACA deal is bad. I would describe the Gang of Six deal as shitty.  

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So when the hurricanes blow, the hillsides flow

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  1. Whether he did or didn't, Trump laid it on the liner so everybody gets it. If that kills DACA, so much the better. He may not be the Great Communicator, everybody has to face up to the issue.

    And let the Dick from IL explain why the government had to be shut down.

    IMHO The Dick from IL walked right into Trump's trap.


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