Monday, July 17, 2017

Mitch McConnell delays health care vote for John McCain Update: Mike Lee and Jerry Moran out, current bill DOA

While I wish John McCain a speedy recovery (although I think he should retire), I also wish we didn't have so many Republican senators who want to be John McCain?

Rand Paul says McConnell does not have the votes. I concur with him that leaving Obamacare in place to die on its own is better than adopting it, keeping most of it, and giving it a Republican name (when it ultimately fails guess who will be blamed). Repeal first and then worry about trying to replace it.  

Update:  DRUDGE REPORT: Repeal Dead, Obamacare remains law of the land and Strait Up Repeal Vote Next (We need to pressure all Senators to vote yes for this)

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