Tuesday, March 28, 2017

RyanCare failed mostly due to Paul Ryan

RyanCare would never have rolled out in that form had Paul Ryan reached out to the Freedom Caucus, GOP moderates and others in advance of unveiling.  Instead he sprung a plan that had little chance of success and tried to quickly ram it through.

Sure some of this falls on President Trump and his team. But Paul Ryan was the policy wonk who crafted this proposal. More importantly, Paul Ryan was responsible for at least getting the bill out of the House, where Republicans have a significant majority. Ryan failed.

Embarrassing? Oh yeah. Disaster? Not if Ryan and Trump go back and craft a proper bill and learn from this mistake.

American Thinker: What now for ObamaCare? While Brian Joondeph make a good point about Democrat discipline in passing ObamaCare, it still turned out to be a legislative nightmare for them.  If we are going to fundamentally turn back the clock (which many of us agree needs to be done) we need to turn back the clock.  I recognize there will be give and take and the end result will be far from perfect (the Reagan loaf thing), but Ryan's plan was unfortunately almost as bad if not worse than Obamacare.

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Jonah Goldberg: Who is to blame for Trump's failures?  Yes, when it comes to the RyanCare fail, Paul Ryan is mostly responsible for that.  So is Trump to some extent, but Ryan's job was to get a bill through the House.  He failed.  

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