Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Is CNN's Brian Stelter covering for an illegal alien child rapist? And if so, why? Update: Rape charges dropped, but Brian Stelter is still an Asshat

The Rockville Rape is an absolutely horrifying story. So is Fox News biased for reporting on this because it is just a 'local' story? Or could it be CNN and the other networks are biased in purposely embargoing the story because they fear it could lend support to calls for curtailing illegal immigration?  Hmmm, what could it be?

Ok, I should not say Brian Stelter is "ok" with child rape. I assume even an asshole like Stelter does not approve of child rape. He just does not consider it sufficiently newsworthy for CNN to focus on and would prefer things like that are not reported on a national basis. Because Brian Stelter and CNN have a bigger agenda to push.  

Now CNN did report the story initially. But why give more attention to this story when the accused child rapist came into the United States under President Obama's watch?

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Update: EBL: Rape charges dropped, but Brian Stelter is still an Asshat

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