Wednesday, March 22, 2017

14 year old girl allegedly raped and sodomized in her school bathroom by adult illegal alien...crickets from feminists

An 18 year old illegal alien and his 17 cohort are alleged to have violently raped a 14 year old girl in Maryland. According to CNN, Henry Sanchez-Milian came in the United States illegally in 2016 from Guatemala.  So he came into the United States under President Obama's watch?  So where is the Feminist outrage to what these two individuals (allegedly) did to this young girl?

TOM: Are Republicans the Patriarch Party? Why isn't Jessica Valenti defending this girl referenced above? Pimp City, U.S.A.

Wombat: Louder With Crowder: Tucker Slams Democrat Councilman For Saying Prosecution Of Illegal Who Raped 14-Year Old Is “Race baiting” and Weasel Zippers: In Chicago, 15-Year-Old Girl Raped On Facebook Lived – 40 Watched, None Called Police

Instapundit: Ken MasugiRockville, A Rape in Bureacracy's BedroomTonight in immigration newsCNN covers for child rapist (illegal immigration is more important than child safety), Facebook rape of 15 year old girl in Chicago

AoSHQ: In wake of brutal rape of 14 year old by illegal immigrant, Maryland doubles down and votes to be a "sanctuary state" (just not for 14 year old girls in school).

Don Surber: The Left Ignores Real Rape

EBL: Why is CNN supporting illegal alien adults engaging in child rape?


  1. I found it odd that none of your links went to the Rolling Stones. Surely they are covering this story of a campus rape?

  2. Jackie Coakley and Sabrina Rubin Erdely are not available for comment on this story...

  3. The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Left never says anything unless ordered to do so.


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