Friday, March 24, 2017

GOP Disaster? Nonsense...

DRUDGE REPORT, Ed Driscoll, and Andrew Klavan overstate it...

Take a breath. Maybe have a cocktail...or two. Enjoy the weekend (you too Paul Ryan). Trump says he does not blame Ryan, he blames Democrats

The Hippocratic Oath applies to law making: Do No Harm. The RyanCare plan was a mess and it was not the best outcome. That the GOPe did not have this substantively worked out since the election is pathetic, but that is how the GOPe rolls.  

It is time to come up with a better plan. The urgency is self imposed, just wait. When you are losing both conservatives and moderates because you came up with a plan drafted by insurance industry might want to consider that there could be a better alternative.  

Don't make the mistake the Dems did with Obamacare (which is why they saw their power ebb away over eight years). Eventually Obamacare will collapse. Use that lull to start fixing things. The GOPe needs to come up with a far better fix for this mess to mitigate harm and improve things for Americans.  
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