Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mr. President, walk away from Ryan Care...

American Thinker: Donald Trump, just walk away...

Update: Instapundit: No and Revolt

Don Surber: RyanCare (hate it)

NYT: Regrets

Meet the new Speaker, same as the old Speaker...

Donald Trump walked into a trap. He should never have gone in heavy in support of this.  You have the Koch Brothers promising to support Republicans who vote against this? Now there is supposedly a "final offer." I know Don Surber thinks this repeal plan is great, but I really do not see any upside right now--other than starting over.

Health care is a mess and it is going to take time to sort it out. It is not realistic to think some rushed half measure compromise bill is doing to do it.  

Instapundit: Obamacare Lite

AoSHQ and Instapundit: Meanwhile as Democrats threaten to filibuster Gorsuch, they offer a "deal" that our GOP Elites may very well take...because our GOP Elites are liars and stupid.  

Rush Limbaugh: What, no parade? and Repeal

Wombat: Instapundit: JD Tucker? DaTechGuy: JD Rucker: Just Repeal, JustOneMinute: Perils Of Pauline, Trumpcare Edition. American Thinker: Liberal Judges Unwittingly Declare Obamacare Religious Mandate Unconstitutional


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    1. Come on ed, he is not doing that. Trump thinks a deal is better so he is backing this attempt. It is flawed so while he may get hurt a bit if it does not go through, the President (and the rest of us) would be better off it does not pass. Unless there are substantive changes.


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