Monday, March 13, 2017

Losing The House over Obamacare, Who's Right: Cotton or Ryan?...or perhaps Ted Cruz?

This is actually a pretty easy answer: since Republicans got elected, in large part, in saying they would repeal Obamacare. Republicans should do what they said they would do: Repeal Obamacare. Sorry Paul, your replacement plan is worse than just letting Obamacare die on its own.  

Letting it die it hardly without risk (and there will be a lot of people hurt in the process) and there will be turmoil for years. The advantage in finishing it off is you at least allow insurance markets to recover. So if you are going to repeal,  how do you do it? You have nominal Republicans like McCain and Collins who can't be trusted. You have to either throw out the filibuster or get around it. 

But here is the intriguing part: That wily Ted Cruz has a plan for doing so. Not in grandstanding like Ted used to do, but  instead working behind the scenes and engaging Vice President Pence?

Here's your chance Ted, show us how smart you really are...

Hey Paul Ryan, don't pull a Boehner...

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  1. As much as I understand the problems with just repealing Obamacare; Congressional Republicans and their supporters need to understand a few things.

    First, you keep asking, how did we get Trump? I suggest you put that question aside right now and consider the following. If you are right, your election to whatever Congressional seat isn't from Trump's coattails. You are on your own, and you might want to think about what you ran on.

    Second, you ran on repealing Obamacare among other things not related to healthcare.

    Third, we know you ran on appeal only because you took action to send several repeal bills to Obama's desks that he vetoed.

    Finally, those of us inclined to consider you in midterms are wondering why your actions and promises in 2015-2016 are no longer good enough for 2017? They were good enough for our vote then, and you reconsideration only makes us reconsider.

    If Congress fails to repeal Obamacare; Trump will still have a Congess in opposition to his policies in 2019, but it may be full of new faces.

    And yeah, we know Trump ain't exactly delivering here either, but he's good until 2021, and he has delivered on other things, like the economy stupid.

  2. OTOH, I think The Donald has made his feelings clear on RyanCare, “We’re negotiating with everybody. It’s a big fat beautiful negotiation”.

    The One True Ted may have his ideas, but Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, and at least a couple of others, so he may get lost in the stampede.

    1. Why wouldn't you think the Donald wouldn't coop Lyin' Ted, like Bill Pullman's President Whitmore coop'd Jeff Goldblum's "Mr. Smarty" David Levinson in Independence Day?


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