Thursday, March 9, 2017

If there are insufficient votes to repeal Obamacare, why not authorize insurers to give other coverage instead?

GOPe wring their hands and claim they do not have the votes to repeal Obamacare. That may be true, but only because there is not the will by certain GOPe politicians to face the voters if they do repeal Obamacare.

Yes there are nuggets of good ideas in the GOPe proposal (like health savings accounts, getting rid of the mandate, Medicaid reform, etc). Sometimes there are kernels of corn in poop. It is still poop (and you know what you don't do with poop, pick it up and play with it).

Conservative groups hate it. The GOP is negotiating its own surrender. You are forcing everyone not insured through work to get on these idiotic overpriced exchanges. Politically it is also a bad idea: You want to really upset voters? Pass this POS healthcare plan.

So why not do something else:  Congress can authorize insurers to offer policies they had on the market before Obamacare. Catastrophic plans that only kicked in after a high deductible, but would then offer decent coverage in the event you had a serious condition like heart disease or cancer. They were reasonably affordable plans before all the tinkering and regulations of Obamacare--now they don't exist at all. Make them legal again.

That is what insurance is about, protecting you when there is a catastrophic loss.  Trying to craft insurance as some prepaid medical treatment plan (or worse) as a way to pay for those who can't afford insurance is never going to pencil out. It will always be wildly bureaucratic and inefficient.

So if you are reasonably healthy and looking for affordable coverage for you and your family, you can go get it.  Allow people to purchase plans across state lines.

As far as Obamacare, let it die on its own.  Obamacare will collapse under its own weight (you do not have to mercy kill it). If you want to then spend tax dollars to help those with no coverage, we can then address that issue.

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