Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Breaking News: Donald Trump may use Russian Dressing

For obviously bovine reasons, I do not do rubens myself (I go with the salads).  Still, my friends who do eat them swear they are delicious (prefering the pastrami over corned beef). I never use Russian dressing on a salad, I go with blue cheese or homemade Caesar, but it makes sense why Russian dressing would work on a ruben (I would think some great mustard works too).

I am not sure I buy the Ruben was invented in Nebraska.  But there are disputes on the origins of the sandwich.  

John Podhoretz (who looks like he has eaten a few pounds of pastrami and corned beef over the years) says the best is the 2nd Avenue Deli or Pastrami Queen but I am pretty sure they don't do rubens because of the cheese meat Kosher prohibition. So if you want a ruben from there, you will

have to add the cheese at home.

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