Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mark Steyn explains to Stuart Varney why RyanCare was a bad deal for Republicans

As much as I like Stuart Varney, Mark Steyn (as stated above) is right. If the GOP is not prepared to do it right, better not to do anything at all (at least for now). I know the GOP will be coming back to this issue again because the disaster that is Obamacare is not going away. 

Who are you going to trust, Mark Steyn or that other Canadian, David Frum? The real Waterloo would have been if the RyanCare plan passed in the form it was in. Could you imagine the savaging Trump would have taken if RyanCare passed and premiums then went up as expected? It would have been Obamacare with less coverage and higher costs.  

Reason puts the blame on President Trump for this bill going down. Some of this criticism is warranted (although the bulk of the blame still falls to Ryan and the GOPe for coming up with the flawed plan they did). Still, Trump did something very smart in all of this--walking away. And if Trump ends up adopting a more Rand Paul approach to addressing Obamacare, why is that a bad thing? Isn't it better to get this right, than get this fast? 

Powerline: Here is John Hinderaker take and Paul Mirengoff's plan for reversing last week's Obamacare defeat (Mirengoff's plan is a good one):
First, later in the year, House Republicans should put together a comprehensive health insurance reform bill. It should include elimination of the individual mandate (so-called Phase I), elimination of offending regulations (Phase II), and additional reforms aimed at freeing up the market and driving down costs (e.g. permitting insurance sales across state lines and tort reform — Phase III)...[Read The Whole Thing]

DaTechGuy: Puts a pox on the GOPe and the Freedom Caucus (ok, clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...but that is assuming the GOP and Trump do not come back to this and fix it)

This Politico story seems more intent on stirring the pot and setting up internal feuds for Trump than reporting the facts (hint: while it has facts in it, it is still Fake News)

Rand Paul files an alternative reform plan and takes victory lap (get it through first)

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