Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lefty Black Bloc Types Get An Unexpected Response From Trump Supporters in California

Lefty protesters tend to be like the cowardly gang leader 'Luther' from The Warriors...

Daily Mail has a lot more photos

Soopermexican has a different take. I agree with him on this point, I am not a fan of anti-Semitic alt right, but I actually see way more anti-Semites on the left (and not just the alt left).

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  1. The pictures at the Daily Mail say it all. The protestors have a bit of patriotic stuff going on, but otherwise look like they are at the beach. Then you have these folks trying to hide who they really are, wearing masks and googles, clothes covering as much as possible, and carrying backpacks I'm sure with contraband. You see punches being delivered to Trump supporters, Trump supporters in pain after being pepper-sprayed, and then you see retaliation. I hope the arrested get their 10 years in jail for organized violence.

  2. Civil Disobedience is willing to go to jail to protest unjust laws.
    Wearing a mask so you don't get caught is just cowardly and lawless.


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