Sunday, March 26, 2017

Demoltion: A Review and Naomi Watts

I caught Demolition on HBO yesterday and it is actually a pretty good movie. Its plot was not that believable, but the acting was good. Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts do a very good job in their respective rolls. Chris Cooper, as usual, is solid (he plays Gyllenhaal's father in law). Judah Lewis is also excellent (to the point of stealing scenes) as Watts' troubled teen son.  

The writing and plot are a bit contrived and also predictable, especially concerning Lewis' character. Still, overall, I like how the characters interplayed with each other. To that extent the movie worked. 

Mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and given the flaws with the script, that is justified. Still worth catching on cable or as a rental. R rated mostly for language.  

Naomi Watts is almost fifty, but she still looks great: 

Naomi, here's a pro-tip: Don't channel the Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Look!

The Brittney Spears look?  

Early morning sans make up...but still good for a fifty year old

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