Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mike Cernovich on Sixty Minutes and the very real ISIS attack on Garland, Texas

I thought Mike Cernovich challenged Scott Pelley effectively (at least on the main tv show). Did that challenge by Cernovich keep Pelley and Sixty Minutes more honest?  It is impossible to say definitively, but I think so--or at least got his take in.  It was still a biased piece in Sixty Minutes obviously favors what it perceives as "real news" but Cernovich handled himself well. Consider the source, but definitely worth watching.

This is the after show "overtime" segment (and Cernovich's reaction)

I was far more troubled, however, by the immediately preceding segment by Anderson Cooper about the FBI being undercover at the Pam Geller Garland, Texas event and not doing anything when ISIS attacked. No fake news there, that absolutely happened (although was downplayed by the mainstream media at the time). There are a lot of questions that Director James Comey should be answering, but unfortunately Comey and the FBI conveniently dodge questions all the time.

Pam Geller: A Third of France's Young Muslims Hold "Fundamentalist" Religious Views? What could go wrong?

Instapundit: Garland victim to FBI: Did you sit back and let me get shot?Scott Pelley loses a fight rigged in his favor to Mike Cernovich (there are a lot of great links in this post by Ed Driscoll), Maybe it's time to fire James ComeySixty Minutes Cover UpSixty Minutes White Washes FBI Failure In 2015 ISIS Garland, Texas attack

Danger and Play: Cernovich gives 60 Minutes a big ratings win and Sixty Minutes has not released full Cernovich interview (I wonder why)

Don Surber: The Nation's No. 1 Problem

TOM: NYT admits fake news

Instapundit: ANCHOR AWAY?  CBS ‘Star’ Scott Pelley’s Ratings Tank as He Goes After Trump. Is He a Goner? But he got so many plaudits from his fellow media folks. (Pelly would do way better by playing it straight and not opining so much)

Right after the interview, Pelley contends Cernovich is promoting fake news...

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  1. Sixty Minutes also covered up Obama's attempt to whitewash Benghazi as just a protest. Ted Koppel is the guy who would smother truth with a pillow, until it quit breathing.


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