Monday, June 12, 2017

Repealing Obamacare: Is this a reason to be a little optimistic?

h/t: The image above came from this link (which has some pretty funny McConnell images)

Instapundit: Will Democrats seal their minority status? or are Republicans in trouble (if they don't get their act together)  It could go either way depending on outcomes.

Rush Limbaugh: Will Mitch McConnell Pass The Health Care Bill?


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  2. I think when Comey killed the Resistance, NeverTrumping went with it.

    To draw an analogy that will enrage some and tickle others, it's like Hitler getting Chamberlain and Daladier to fold on the Sudetenland. The Heeres types that wanted to assassinate him knew the people would hate them since Der Fuhrer had skunked Britain and France.

    Whigs notwithstanding, it would seem McConnell knows his only course is to be a good little soldier.



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