Monday, June 12, 2017

Pushback: Sponsors Pullout of 'Trump Assassination' version of Julius Caesar

Friends, Romans Americans, Countrymen: Presidential Assassination Chic Is Not Cool

Actually, the 'Honorable Men' of the left better be careful about what they wish for...

Don Surber: Comey Brutus? No.

Lem's Place: The Right Strikes Back

FC: The New York Times will continue to fund, claims this is a free speech issue.  BS.This is not a free speech issue--of course the organizers can do a play like this. No one is seeking to use government to ban it. That is a red herring. The question here is whether a play depicting the assassination of a sitting President is appropriate. Here's a thought experiment: If this play was done when Barack Obama was president, would these same people defend his fictional assassination as a matter of 'free speech' or 'artistic freedom'?  I think not.  

Hot Air: Apparently there was a Barack Obama Julius Caesar in 2012.  I concur with the Hot Air piece, while I do not mind adaptations of Shakespeare's works in different settings (isn't Kiss Me Kate the Taming of the Shrew, you have to be careful not to ruin what you are portraying.  


  1. "Assignation" = "assassination"? Just checking.

    1. I am ready to assassinate the automatic spell checker on my computer. But I need to spend more time proof reading!

  2. Have to concur with Brian. "Assignation" would be two people meeting for a very discreet, brief, probably sexual encounter.
    "Assassination" would be the targeted killing of a specific person, often a politician.
    Not that I have personal knowledge of either.

    1. While I used a word in anger that could describe a sexual act, there was no assignation between me and my computer's automatic spell checker.


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