Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kathy Griffin: Denounced by the Right, Abandoned by the Left

Is it Halloween Already? She is even uglier on the inside...

Who does she think she is, Hillary Clinton?

Instapundit: Running out of Popcorn (Griffin's attorney blasts Olbermann for misogyny and Griffin shocked Anderson Cooper did not come defend her), Kathy Griffin learns weaponized outrage the hard way or as Ace notes, we have to adopt the tactics of the left, ISIS condemns Kathy Griffin for cultural appropriation, She chose poorly...Kathy Griffin brags about going after Barron Trump

Kathy, Memorial Day was Monday and you did not die for America, you just aborted your own career (that was a matter of personal choice on your part).  

Powerline: What's Next

The Lid: Ugly is as Ugly does

Jawa Report: Griffin doesn't get it

Smitty: Werewolves of Chappaqua

Heat Street: Kathy Griffin's Meltdown

American Power: Griffin Tour Cancelled

Reggie Hann: Why I Love Kathy Griffin

Twitchy: Don't feel sorry for Kathy Griffin

Right Scoop: Was Griffin lying then or lying now?

Conservative Firing Line: Kathy Griffin trashes Trig Palin

John Hawkins: Kathy Griffin blames Tucker Carson for falling out with her mom

I apologize to my readers. This post was just cruel and unusual punishment. Here is a palate cleanser. Here's another palate cleanser.  Proof's Friday Night Babe. Political Clown Parade's Flowing Curves of Beauty.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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