Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kathy Griffin Finds A New Gig...

The Portland Tri Met Max murders were a tragedy (those good Samaritans were truly heroes) and if anything we should have had a civil discussion on how to deal with mental health issues in our society.

But instead, we got immediate lectures on how Trump was to blame (he wasn't) followed just a couple of days later with this deranged Kathy Griffin photo shoot. Of course chides at CNN had nothing to say about it.

Instapundit: Democrat Rosie O'Donnell is cruel to childrenTime to pull hairPortland Banning Free Speech and The New Civility and Charming Kathy Griffin

EBL: It has been a trifecta of asshats today with Jaden Smith and Bill de Blasio, but Kathy Griffin is truly a master of asshatery (is it possible she has gone to far this time even for the left) and Portland's Murderous Bernie Bro

Twitchy: ACLU of Portland blasts Portland Mayor and Kathy Griffin making beheadings great again
WFB: Kathy Griffin alternates between lashing out at the President and then sobbing (could it be she is just bat shit crazy and completely immoral/unrepentant)

AoSHQ: Bloody Kathy Griffin, Body Slammer Al Franken, The Pacific Northwest Beclowns Itself

Rush Limbaugh: Kathy Griffin illustrates the media's political assignation of Donald Trump

TOM: Male Feminist now charged with First Degree Murder 

Twitchy: Don't feel sorry for Kathy Griffin

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