Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bill Maher: You said House what...?

With Kathy Griffin's career imploding over her recent Jacobin fantasies of taking a sitting President's head, and a small west coast leftist college currently engaged in political correct witch hunt (you don't think that Professor Brett Weinstein thought he was untouchable over his leftist politics), in walks smug Bill Maher thinking he could be Quintin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction in throwing out the n-word. Sorry Bill, that is soooo 1994. There were immediate calls that his show be cancelled (why does HBO tolerate racism). Welcome to 2017.

Instapundit: Bill Maher might be in a bit of trouble over this...

Hey Bill, you helped created this monster (this freak out over language is some totalitarian BS), but if it eats you too, well boo-fucking-hoo. Ace is right, you want to play by these rules, live by these rules. I am not into throwing out the n-word as a joke, but I know I could be attacked if I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. People on the right get pillared for way less. You helped create the SJW monsters who are out there. Do you really think just because you date (or hire) black women you can talk like this? And Sasse, you laughed. Fuck you too.

It is time for guys (oh wait, is using the term "guys" too cis-normative) like Bill Maher to get their heads out of their respective asses. I am referring to the perpetually outraged left. Yes, you have defended others who have said things that got them into trouble. But you have been mendouchous to the right over the years, so don't expect us to come running to help you with this.

Mark Steyn is right about this: Terrorists are not trying to sow division, they are out slaughtering us. And they don't make distinctions about different Muslims factions (they gleefully kill them all). Do you really think they will give you effete metrosexuals lefties a pass?

Right Scoop: Maher apologizes but says it was due to lack of sleep?

I will go to war for the right people, but not Bill Maher anymore.

The left has sown the wind, let them reap the whirlwind.

Daily Caller: Parodying social justice warriors

Proof Positive: Wizard of Odds

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