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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Dr. Who Time Lord

Deadline: Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Dr. Who Time Lord (and the first woman in the role)

Daily Mail: Jodie Whittaker at the new Time Lord (she is in Venus above)

DaTechGuy: Dr. Who goes SJW Ghostbusters so after 41 years he is done and Why Dr. Who should not be a woman

Pete is willing to take the heat on this from various SJWs and others, which I sort of admire (he is completely entitled to his subjective take on this). I get why a favorite character's gender fluidity would bother Pete.

I personally don't care that much about Dr. Who, but that is because I was never particularly into Dr. Who [My go to vintage British sci-fi show was UFO. The late Martin Landeau's Space 1999 was okay too--but a pale second to UFO--but I digress].

My problem with the re-made female Ghostbusters was not that it had women in it, but that it was not the least bit funny (it was a terrible boring movie). If you change a character in a fundamental way (and changing gender will do that) you have a completely different character.  It may or may not work, but you have shifted from the original character.

An all female Ghostbusters could have worked--if it was funny. Melissa McCarthy is generally funny. Kirsten Wiig is generally funny. Unfortunately for them, their version of Ghostbusters was not funny.

Fiction only works when you suspend disbelief and enjoy the allusion. For Pete, the Dr. Who allusion does not work with a female character.

Jodie Whittaker may rock this Dr. Who character for other fans. If she does, great. I wish her the best.

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