Sunday, March 4, 2018

Krysten Ritter

She has a break out roll in Breaking Bad as Jane Margolis and is staring in Netflix's Jessica Jones

Rotten Tomatoes: Marvel's Jessica Jones

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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Lem's Levity: Catcher In The Rye
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The Feral Irishman: The last known picture of King Leo

Mark Steyn: The Bollywood Princess and The Silent Star

DaTechGuy: Back After His Day Off and Turning Around

American Power Blog: How Progressives Win Culture Wars

Political Clown Parade: They all knew and Now that's disturbing

90 Miles from Tyranny: Elgin Park and Justin Trudeau goes to India

AoSHQ: Oscar ratings all time low and Saturday Night Open Thread

Goodstuffs: Shark Jumping and  St. Patrick Celebration (its never too early)

A View From The Beach: Rule 5 Saturday and One way to increase voter turnout

Instapundit: The ugly truth about Hollywood Oscar rating declineHollywood Elites Should Be Ashamed, BBC Dirty Sisterhood ShakeupHope Hicks named WH communications directorPJ MediaThe Truedeau Family in India

TOM: Friday Fiction: Smitty/Darleen, In The Mailbox 03.09.18, Jew Hating Intersectionality, Deport Mexican Abortion Activists, Milwaukee HIV/STDs, In the Mailbox 03.08.18, Baltimore Taxpayers, Tucker Carlson: Men in Crisis, The Attitude, History, Race, Science, In The Mailbox 03.07.18, In The Mailbox 03.06.18, In The Mailbox: 03.05.18, The Left attacking Pam Geller, Transgender Victim-hood Status, The Other Podcast Returns
EBL: Sabo strikes in advance of Academy AwardsGet Out: A Review, Darkest Hour: A ReviewDunkirk: A ReviewLoving VincentIs H.R. McMaster going to get fired?Jennifer Lawrence goes to whore schoolI, TonyaMargot RobbieShape of Water Rule 5Harvey Weinstein expelled from the AcademyBlack Panther: A Review and Altered Carbon

A collection of sites known for appreciation of Rule 5, Marvel Comics and anger management:


  1. I was looking forward to Jessica Jones until I watched her ass get destroyed in Episode 1. It just wasn't the action hero type show I was expecting.

    1. It is really not an action hero comics. The limited references are a distraction.

    2. I like the PI film noir style way more

    3. My sister said it was much better after Episode 1. I just never went back to it. In fact, I haven't done much with Netflix after finishing Season 1 of Stranger Things.


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