Friday, November 3, 2017

Donald Trump expresses his frustration with the Department of Justice

Weasel Zippers: Free BeaconReport that Jeff Sessions HAS NOT recused himself from Uranium One

It is probably counter productive to fire Mueller at this point (despite the fact he should have recused himself long ago), but it does make sense to either have the Justice Department go after Clinton-Obama Russian Collusion and Uranium One or appoint another special prosecutor to do so.

Sessions has also been a disappointment in other areas. Sessions is flat out wrong about civil asset forfeitures.

Update: Hot Air's Allahpundit has this about Carter Page and Jeff Sessions. Carter Page says he told Sessions about Russia contacts. Allah defended Sessions yesterday. But isn't the fix Sessions leaving AG. Win Win.

TOM: Hiroshima DNC Brazile


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Don Surber: Justice Department is not independent, nor should it be

Yahoo: U.S. Republicans seeks special counsel's removal from Russian Probe

Powerline: Investigate This (6) (5) (4) (3) (2) (1) and Did Clinton turn the DNC into a criminal conspiracy?

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  1. Among the many problems with Sessions is, how can Trump replace him? You can bet McCain and many others will join the Dems to block any other nomination to replace Sessions. In the meantime, the deep state will throw out even more Special Counsels against Trump.

    1. True if Trump fired Sessions. If Sessions resigns, Trump has to replace him. Trump should have someone lined up to fill that role and be aggressive enough to go after the Democrats.

  2. I'm betting that, if Sessions is still here by Christmas, Trump has no problem with him and it's all smoke and mirrors.

    A trial means proof, witnesses, and other stuff including becoming Lefty martyrs. Letting them walk around makes them convenient punching bags and exacerbates the Lefty meltdown.

    YMMV, but let's see where we are next spring.


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