Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Did Team Mueller tip off the Podestas to file disclosures forms they just busted Manafort for?

Conservative Treehouse: Podestas, Manafort, Gates and Mueller

Don't be surprised, however, if Podesta is not ever charged (at least by Mueller). When you realize Mueller's Inquisition is just a corrupt partisan political charade, it all makes sense... The things Manafort is being charged with occurred when he was working together with the Podesta Group

Tucker Carson is now being threatened (by Podesta) for reporting on the Podesta Group.  Apparently the Podesta Group does not like being the attention right now.

Trump wants Mueller to investigate Democrats. Of course couldn't Sleepy Sessions do that on his own or appoint another special prosecutor?

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  1. When I read that the Podesta's backfiled those docs, that's exactly what I thought. Which means Manafort's defense team is going to have a field day. First the indictment was illegally leaked. Then others involved in the investigation seem to have managed to avoid the same jeopardy. Hell, you can almost bet it was the Podesta that told him how to setup the accounts such as he did. It seems he still lied to investigators, so he has a problem that is all his doing.

    As a taxpayer, I'm not impressed with how money is being spent by Mueller. The crime Manafort committed should have been picked up when Mueller was head of the FBI. It seems the FBI was not capable then under Mueller's leadership of investigating US citizens involved with Ukrainian activities, which seems like something to watch.

    On a related note, DiFi via the Senate committee meetings has announced the consolation booby prize for Democrats. They seem ready to take over speech on the Internet. Her comments sound very akin to what China is doing with the Internet. All of it premised that some people were exposed to Russian purchased propaganda. I still have yet to meet the Trump voter that said a paid advertisement of any sort swayed them, much less one posted on Facebook.


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