Saturday, October 28, 2017

So what is the deal with Fusion GPS, Matthew Continetti and Bill Kristol?

Washington Free Beacon funding Fusion GPS = AWKWARD!

The political incest is like Game of Thrones!

Washington Free Beacon says while it commissioned Fusion GPS to do some opposition research on GOP candidates (it was not just focused on Trump), it did not hire Fusion GPS to hire Chris Steele and do the smear Russian dossier report on Trump.  I guess we will see. This may be bad timing of WFB's part.  Still, I would not put anything past Quisling snake Bill Kristol and his NeverTrump cohorts

DC insiders know or should know Fusion GPS is a Democrat opposition research firm. So why would a conservative group hire Fusion GPS?  Apparently as soon as WFB stopped the funding effort, Fusion GPS ran off to sling some mud for Hillary Clinton and the DNC (seems a conflict of interest). And Hillary's attorney may have intentionally covered that later 'Russian Dossier' effort up

Washington Examiner: WFB hired Fusion GPS initially

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TOM: Further evidence deranged SJWs have taken over women's magazines (apparently they have taken over other publications too)

EBL: Did Clinton Campaign Lawyer Marc Elias Commit Criminal and Ethical Violations?, Why Hillary Lost, Hillary Clinton's Campaign Song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Smug Self-rightousness: Republicans should be livid about this, and What is Fusion GPS?

Pirate's Cove: If all you can see is this, you might be a Bill Kristol fan


  1. Those in the media pay large sums for information on candidates. If I had to guess, the WFB started an ugly ball rolling, realized the mistake, stepped away, and whistled, while hoping things wouldn't god South.

    Meanwhile, real people were hurt, evil people profited, and the silence of the news outlet is that of cowards who are unwilling to admit their mistake.


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