Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Asshat of the Day Bill Kristol

Don Surber, Trooper, Ace, Glenn Reynolds, and other conservatives all note the obvious: 
Bill Kristol has turned into a perpetual Asshat

Ace also notes: Obama sleepers took Flynn out and are waiting to take out anyone else who gets in their way, Trump included. Bill Kristol is apparently just fine with that 'Deep State' part.

I was not that big a fan of Mike Flynn, but I am very concerned with how the 'intelligence community' took him out. If you can be taken out by clandestine intelligence sources that cannot be challenged, none of us are safe. We all should be concerned with that.

JJ Sefton at AoSHQ notes what is now clear, Trump is facing an insurrection of the Deep State Democrats and their GOPe confederates.
Instapundit: While Dems smell blood in the water, the real issues are the Deep State leaks and a Shadow Administration

Kristol also suggests that lazy, spoiled white working class in America should be replaced with immigrants who work hard. Hey what about lazy, fat white guys at the Weekly Standard who are getting older? Can they be replaced too?

Rule 5 and FMJRA

EBL: John Brennan is a big Asshat, as are his leaky pals at the CIA and NSA

TOM: Bill Kristol says White People are 'Lazy' and Immigrants work hard and really want to succeed

Rush Limbaugh: The Obama shadow  government 'Deep State' coup against Donald Trump and What should Trump do?

Instapundit: Even John Podhoretz is suggesting our feckless political class pause and take a breath, With Flynn gone, Russians see a different Trump

Don Surber: Faux Conservatives Attack Trump

AmPowBlog: Trump Admin in Crisis (?)

EBL: Ready for Warren?

AoSHQ: I am getting tired of these 'constitutional conservatives' trying to save us by press leaks from our elected officials.  There is not much constitutional or conservative about this bunch.

Legal Insurrection: Media trial of Trump Admin by the Fact Free Intelligence Community

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