Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ready For Warren?

Powerline: Ready For Warren?

I know "be careful what you wish for" given Democrats wished for a Donald Trump presidential run and had all their dreams turned into nightmares last November.  But I can't imagine Liz Warren being able to mount a successful national campaign, given she is not all that popular even in Massachusetts any more. And Warren's ties to Bank of America are a bit of a problem for a progressive reformer. 

Liz Warren lied about being Cherokee (she's not) to take unfair advantage of diversity hiring at Harvard. As Mark Steyn noted about Elizabeth Warren, "She's the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out." You would think a white woman opportunist like Liz Warren stealing jobs from minorities at an elite university would drive social justice warriors nuts, but as we know there are double standards when you have a (D) after your name. 

She has her defenders out there. Al Franken tried to make the case that mocking Warren's Cherokee status is racist. Of course it is not. People are mocking the fact that Warren lied about being a Cherokee to promote her own career. Warren's family did have ties to the Cherokee, but the Indian blood is on her ancestors' hands not in their veins.  But hey, when a white girl from Montana can grow up to become a black activist--why can't Liz Warren pretend to be Native American?

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  1. On the careful what you wish for... I still don't listen to Hannity after he was all in the "Stop Hillary Express" during the 2008 Primary that gave us Obama, even when he was warned about Obama (at least he admitted that part, but 8 years of Obama is a lot to forgive).


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