Saturday, June 13, 2015

#Transracial Rachel Dolezal Rule 5

Rachel Dolezal: Triptych

Rachel Dolezal: Sabrina

 Hey wait a second, where did that picture come from?

She dreamed as a child to escape Montana and she did so...

Here are some excellent #RachelDolezal tweets 

Twitchy: #AskRachel‘Salon’s soul sister #1’ Joan Walsh weighs in on #RachelDolezal story, ‘Trans-racial’? ‘Black’ NAACP activist #RachelDolezal earns comparisons to a certain US senator

Instapundit: Social Justice Warriors are a pain in the ass, Camille Paglia predicted it all, can Barack Obama run again if he goes transgendered, so what is being white anyway, separate but equal is back,  the damage Rachel Doleful has doneyou would think a #transblack woman would be more inclusive, and She's Trans-Black, Don't Shame Her!

Hot Air: If Jenner can be a woman, why can't Dolezal be black?, Barack Obama claims to be Jewish, Quotes of the Day

Legal Insurrection: Rachel Dolezal: White Like Me (but Rachel does not give two sh*ts what you think)
Somehow I do think Rachel Dolezal's transformation was the dream Martin Luther King had...

Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: James Boulware was crazy (so is Dolezal, just not violent)
Wombat Socho: More SJW and fiction (the science/fantasy type)
Instapundit: There is only one shade of "Black"
American Power Blog: Why Rachel Dolezal's parents "outed" her
Regular Right Guy: Barack Obama transitioned to Jewish

Legal Insurrection: Clinton Campaign Chameleon
Spokane NAACP: The Nation is laughing at us... (ya think)
Protein Wisdom: How to be Black
Regular Right Guy: Rachel Dolezal's Elective Blackness
American Power Blog: Rachel Dolezal steps down as Spokane NAACP head  and Rachel "Moore" Dolezal sued Howard University as a persecuted white woman and declared a "vexatious" litigant by the D.C. District Court (oh my)
Rush Limbaugh: We had the Nation's first transracial coming out right on this show!
Instapundit: Dolezal Resigns and just when you thought it could not get crazier
Smitty: In Defense of Dolezal


  1. I believe that her rack is real--I'll give her that.

  2. I think that she's as f-ed up as Jenner.

  3. It is interesting reading the defenders, such as Cher and some in the comments of NYmag. I have no problem with someone respecting another's culture and wanting to adopt it as much as possible. But this woman literally artificially darkened her skin, claimed she was something she was not, and was outted by her parents, because she is currently under investigation for what appears to be fraud claim of a racial incident via mail (or at least her mailbox). She is on her way to being a criminal, and people want to defend her fraud? They are absurd.

    1. They reveal themselves for the frauds and hucksters they are.


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