Saturday, June 13, 2015

Washington D.C. Game of Thrones: So what will Barack Obama do with upstart Nancy Pelosi?

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  1. One point I think might be of interest.

    Those who say Pelosi is angling for a better payoff may be right, but this was an affront to His Poutiness.

    He personally went up to the Hill - something he never did for the stimulus, Cash For Clunkers, the GM bailout, or even SillyCare. He was too grand to muck about with mere pedestrian details, he let Pelosi Galore and Dingy Harry do all that - much to the frustration of Tippytoes.

    He demanded loyalty from his vassals - and they shafted him.

    I think if there's a way he can get back at her, he'll do it. She may be thinking just another deal.

    I think he's thinking, "A sort of God is not mocked".

    PS What's this "Lefties seeking support from conservatives to stop ObamaTrade"?

    This seems to be the hipsters' spin on the vote to make the Demos' look good.

    I seem to recall it was the Conservatives, especially Sessions, that were the first to scream about this.


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